How to quickly improve AP score?

21 September, 2020
How to quickly improve AP score – How to quickly improve AP score is a question that many students are interested in, because AP is an advanced class for well-performing students to get AP certificate to more prominently in the US university application process.

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How is AP score used?

We live in a competitive world, everything around us is compared with others from education, material or dignity. International certificates like AP are no different. The exam is designed as courses in colleges and universities, so AP is often quite difficult.

Getting good score on this exam requires a lot of time and effort to be invested in preparing for the test. The higher the AP score, the more likely it is to pass the entrance exam. In addition, a high AP score also helps students accumulate college credit. This is a great benefit that many students should not ignore, so many students are pursuing AP score 4 and 5 in the hope of achieving that advantage. Surely you all want to know how to quickly improve AP score

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How to quickly improve AP score?

During AP exam, students will go through tests and problematic practice to assess their current competency. Score for each AP subject range from 1-5 and a score of 3 is considered a pass. If you are at level 3 or 4 and want to improve your score, here are the tips for you:

  1. Start early: Start practicing right from the beginning. This may sound very simple, but procrastination is the student’s greatest enemy. Many students have to “run” when they realize they have a month to go. That hustle makes the AP exam preparation more half-hearted and ineffective. If the goal is to improve your AP, then last-minute learning will put enormous pressure on and reduce learning.
  2. Make a reasonable study plan: The next thing you need is a detailed and reasonable study plan. You should create topics that you need to practice and allocate time based on your strengths in topics. During the first few weeks, don’t take the time to review what you already know, but instead focus on areas where your knowledge is weaker to rebuild the common base. After you have mastered all the basics, you must begin to practice in depth of each topic.
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  1. Non-stop practice: Similar to other international exams such as SAT, ACT…, the best way to practice is to do the past papers. This is considered the key to improve your AP test score, because by doing the exam you will know your strengths and weaknesses, then know what you need to focus on.
  • Practice past paper with real exam conditions: This is a process to help you familiarize yourself with the time pressure as well as familiarize yourself with the structure and types of exercises in the actual exam.
  • Take notes: Reviewing the lesson helps you keep track of progress and understand your own process, thereby giving you a reasonable practice method.
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