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28 December, 2021
Gia sư dạy môn IB Design Technology

giasuib.com – Design Technology is a quite specific and difficult subject in IB program. Students need not only passion and interest, but also good command of English and persistence in order to perform well in this subject. Therefore, IB Design Technology tutors are very necessary to assist students throughout the studying period.

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IB Design Technology program

IB Design Technology belongs to the 4th group of subjects (Natural Science) that focuses on design, technology fundamentals and global technology issues. It covers several core topics: human factors and ergonomics, resource management and sustainable manufacturing, modeling, raw materials to end-product, innovation and design, design classic…

There are also more advanced topics of user-centered design; sustainability, innovation and markets; and commercial production. Design Technology prepares students with knowledge in fields such as engineering, architecture, product design and interior design. With such varied topics and a large amount of theoretical knowledge, studying this subject becomes an overwhelming task for students without the support of a tutor. So what can IB Design Technology tutors do for students?

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IB Design Technology tutors

  • Reinforce knowledge of theories and engineering design process

Design Technology is a specific subject that only few schools in Vietnam provide, and the time allocated on this subject at school is also limited. Meanwhile, self-study at home is also very difficult as students struggle with reading comprehension of the theories and the engineering design process.

Therefore, most students studying this subject need support from after school tutoring centers. In Vietnam, tutors teaching IB Design Technology play a very important role. With their experience and teaching methods, they can help students thoroughly understand the process and apply those into the design works.

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  • Support students with English skills

Another challenging problem at the beginning is the foreign language barrier. For those who have been attending international schools since childhood, English or IB format are not big obstacles.

However, if you are a student who has just transferred from a Vietnamese school to an international school or just gone abroad, IB will not be familiar at all. Moreover, Design Technology can also puzzle students with technical vocabulary.

This barrier affects not only students but also tutors. In the case of Vietnamese programs, it does not take much time to find a reputable tutor. But for IB Design Technology tutors, in addition to profound knowledge about this subject, the ability to support students with English is also an essential requirement.

  • A source of motivation and inspiration

Design Technology is the choice of only a few students, and those who have chosen this subject must have passion and interest in the field of design and engineering. Therefore, the above topic sounds quite contradictory at first as the students already have their own motivation to study.

However, grading and exams of this subject are specifically hard. This is the subject with the lowest percentage of students scoring 7, therefore earning scores that can impress universities requires great perseverance.

Furthermore, students who have already studied this subject said that the process of taking the tests was extremely exhausting and tiring. As a result, students can easily become demotivated, leading to a sharp decrease in learning efficiency. Therefore, a good Design Technology tutor also needs to help his student maintain a high level of inspiration and passion, along with motivating the student throughout the 2-year-period of study so as to achieve the highest score.

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