IB ESS tutor (Environmental Systems and Societies)

15 December, 2021
IB ESS tutor (Environmental Systems and Societies)

Giasuib – ESS is a rather specific subject in the IB program, it can be said that this is the only interdisciplinary subject that combines knowledge of Biology, Sociology, Geography, …. So how do IB ESS tutor (Environmental Systems and Societies) support students?

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IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) course syllabus

Unit 1: Foundations of environmental systems and societies

Unit 2: Ecosystems and ecology

Unit 3: Biodiversity and conservation

Unit 4: Water and aquatic food production systems and societies

Unit 5: Soil systems and terrestrial food production systems and societies

Unit 6: Atmospheric systems and societies

Unit 7: Climate change and energy production

Unit 8: Human systems and resource use

To do well in this subject, most students need the help of an IB ESS tutor (Environmental Systems and Societies) to guide them, because no student can have a diverse understanding of many fields at the same time and they also don’t have much time to learn more about actual social knowledge because IB’s curriculum takes up a lot of their time.

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Is IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) difficult?

When you study Environmental Systems and Societies, you need to have an overview of environmental, social, ecological, biological and other issues at various scales and concurrently you have to apply those knowledge, methodologies and skills to analyze the relationship between environmental systems and social problems.

Although the course only has an SL level, the difficulty of IB ESS is not low. The subject will assess students through 2 written papers to test students’ understanding through the application, use, synthesis, analysis and assessment of environmental issues. In addition, during the learning process, each student must complete an internal assessment accounting for 25% of the score, the internal assessment is a personal research paper on questions related to problems of environmental systems and societies.

Since the course aims to promote an international perspective, awareness of local and global environmental concerns, so the cover knowledge is quite broad. However, the time spent on this subject in school is quite limited and this is an interdisciplinary subject, so students learn at home will easily deviate from the curriculum, which makes learning ESS more difficult and students often need help from tutors.

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How do IB ESS tutor (Environmental Systems and Societies) support students?

  • The IB program is taught according to the standards from the IBO. So IB ESS tutors will support students who follow IBO’s curriculum framework in accordance with each individual’s learning ability to help you improve every day.
  • Sometimes teachers at school will skim lessons quickly, causing confusion for students, at this time they will be guided and tutored more carefully from basic to advanced knowledge from IB ESS tutors.
  • Because it is an interdisciplinary subject, IB ESS’s knowledge is not limited to only 1 or 2 subjects but involves many different fields, the tutors will summarize knowledge and information for students to easily understand the entire subject theory.
  • A tutor is not simply a person who solves problems for students, but is someone who finds teaching methods that both connect with students and surmount their knowledge gaps, encouraging them to solve problems on their own study and get the best results.

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