IB home schooling with tutor

20 November, 2020
IB home schooling with tutor

giasuib.com – IB is never be an easy program for student to get their interested because of difficult subject on the program and a lot of specializes terms. So, which way to learn IB home schooling with tutor but still comprehend all the knowledge?

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IB program

IB (International Baccalaureate) is a program for student from age 16 to 19, to lengthen 2 year and equivalent high school program in Vietnam, evaluated by these top universities in over the world. IB program is separated into 2 levels: High Level (HL) for student who wants to challenge themselves by these subjects in advanced foundation and Standard Level (SL) for student to find out the general and basic of these concepts. In two years of IB program, student have to choose for yourself 6 subjects from these groups:

  • First language
  • Second language
  • Individual and society
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

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Moreover, if student want to get IB certificate they have to collect enough 3 requirements:

  • Finish an Extended Essay – EE length 40.000 words.
  • Participate in “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK) course.
  • Participate in activity “Creativity, Action and Service” (CAS) for these activities such as sports, creative arts…

So, what is the benefit of IB diploma brings to student and IB home schooling with tutor is it effect?

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IB home schooling with tutor

Then why do you need IB home schooling with tutor? IB is an International Baccalaureate because the level of satisfied these requirements of the university in the world and there are some benefits of this diploma below:

  • Chance to win a place at university in the world as Stanford, Yale, Oxford… These top universities in the world always priority over the other candidates if you can get a high score in IB exam.
  • Chance to get scholarship.
  • Chance to reduce some stamped papers in university.
  • Improve your thinking opponent ability.

Why does home schooling become popular and is it bring to the student benefit? Home schooling is a way to learning with tutor at home because it is convenient for student to comprehend all the lesson although you are on trip or cannot participate in any classes. To get a good result from home schooling, the important thing is you have to find out which one is the best and choose it, because a good place will have a good tutor and specialized skill of teaching.

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