IB learning methods for the average students

16 October, 2020
IB learning methods for the average students

giasuib.com – Whether the IB program is difficult or easy will depend on the ability and learning style of each student, choosing an effective IB learning methods for the average students will be suitable for those who are not too weak at school, but not quite as outstanding to improve score in IB subjects.

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Why should the average student have an effective IB learning method?

In the IB program, if you do not have a specific plan for the learning process, you will be failed. Getting IB learning methods for the average students to access knowledge will appropriate to your academic background.

As soon as you have the time and the opportunity, why not improve yourself to a better version? Here are suggestions for effective IB learning methods that you can use to increase your academic level from average to fair and even good if you are determined.

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IB learning methods for the average students

  • Allocate reasonable study time

Many students often think that cramming will help you control all the most effective knowledge. In fact, studying many subjects at the same time will overload the brain, leading to a state of stress, studying a lot but not absorbing much. Therefore, you should see if your time allocation for each subject is reasonable and weak subjects can spend more time than others. Spend 1 to 2 hours on 3 to 4 different subjects every day, you can review old lessons, do homework, preview new lessons or look for more reference resources…

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  • Do your homework on time

It sounds simple, but this requires “technique” too! Even if homework doesn’t score well, getting the homework on time will keep your score as high as possible. It’s not just about solving a bunch of assignments in school and then your grade will naturally go up quickly. The purpose of homework solving is to help you review what you have just learned, connect with knowledge from previous lessons and thus learn new lessons more firmly. In addition, sometimes during the test, you may come across questions that have appeared during the assignment, which will make you feel excited and solve the test quickly and with the desired score.

  • Looking for a partner

Certainly there will be quite a few of you have difficulty learning by yourself, so think about studying with other people at the same level to go up together. Also, if you really want to improve your grade in the short term, getting help from a teacher or tutor should be considered.

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