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11 October, 2021
giasuib.com - Môn Tâm lý chưa được biên soạn ở cấp học IGCSE điều này khiến các bạn bắt đầu học Tâm lý ở bậc học IB gặp không ít khó khăn, vì thế phụ huynh và học sinh luôn mong muốn tìm kiếm gia sư dạy môn Tâm lý chương trình IB để có thể hỗ trợ các em đạt kết quả học tập tốt nhất.

giasuib.com – The Psychology subject has not been compiled at the IGCSE level, which makes it difficult for students to start studying Psychology at the IB level, so parents and students always want to look for IB Psychology tutors to be able to support students to achieve the best academic results.

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Content of IB Psychology course

Psychology helps you to develop an understanding of the biological, cognitive, and sociocultural factors that influence mentality and behavior. The course includes the following topics:

Part 1: Core (SL and HL)

  • The biological approach to understanding behavior
  • The cognitive approach to understanding behavior
  • The sociocultural approach to understanding behavior

Part 2: Options (1 for SL, 2 for HL)

  • Abnormal psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Psychology of human relationships

Part 3: Experimental study (SL and HL)

Part 4: Research methods (HL only)

  • Approaches to researching behavior

In general, Psychology is considered to be quite difficult for most high school students because of two factors, firstly, the number of specialized terms is quite large and difficult to remember, secondly, the meaning of professional concepts is also quite difficult to understand in detail. Therefore, to learn this subject well, you need to find IB Psychology tutors to accompany you to help you not only get good scores in the learning process, but also easily understand and apply your subject knowledge into at least one applied research field.

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How do IB Psychology tutors support students?

Reinforce the knowledge: when the students do not keep up with the lectures in the school for a long time, it will lead to a knowledge gap, the tutor will guide and tutor them more carefully, the knowledge is focused and in-depth so that students can master the section they are learned to serve as a knowledge base for future lessons and exams.

A friend who supports you mentally: In addition to supporting students with the necessary knowledge for the exam, the tutor is also a companion to share with students the difficulties and pressures in learning about allocating study time to balance between the assignments at school and self-study at home. The tutor will be an advisor to help students arrange a reasonable time to make learning simpler.

Assessment of learning quality: Tutors will give regular assessments during the learning process through which you will recognize mistakes and make more progress. When you receive evaluations from tutors, your knowledge and scores will also gradually improve.

Provide appropriate learning: Depending on the personality and learning capacity of each student, the tutor will have their own teaching method and support students to get the right learning method, because there is no one method that works for all, so tutors will personalize each lesson to suit different students.

In addition, the IB program is taught according to the rules, standards, and practices exclusive to the IBO, so knowledge can sometimes lead to confusion, error, and discouragement. Therefore, IB tutors will have to have clear, concise, and easy-to-understand teaching methods, and provide training exercises suitable to each individual’s ability and needs.

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Criteria for finding a IB Psychology tutors

Friendly and open communication: Communication is one of the keys to success. Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication, so the teacher’s friendly, openness, and use of language are important.

Willingness to share the experience: Each teacher will have his or her own learning experience and if they are open to sharing valuable experiences with students, it will help them save learning time as well as avoid making mistakes. unworthy in the future.

Identify students’ weaknesses: A good tutoring place must know how to identify students’ weaknesses and then develop a lesson plan to help improve that weakness and build a lesson structure, and prepare a roadmap for students

Help students identify goals: A student who needs the help of a tutor or tutoring center means that the student is lost. The required criteria of a tutor are that they must know how to lead students to find their own educational path and follow it.

Build Student Independence: One of the many reasons why many students have low academic achievement is because they are not actively engaged in learning. A good tutor must help students build self-control in learning, tutors only provide them with knowledge and methods, they have to work on their own in thinking and finding solutions, this makes students gain the ability to think independently.

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