IGCSE home schooling with tutor

18 November, 2020
IGCSE home schooling with tutor

giasuib.com – Home schooling has been very popular in America. In Vietnam, it is not popular, but for students who are intending to study international programs, IGCSE home schooling with tutor is a wise choice.

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IGCSE program

IGCSE is an International High School certificate widely popular in the world that many students aged 14 to 17 choose to study. Designed and managed by Cambridge, two-year training, equivalent to grade 9 and 10, are a great foundation for a pre-university program.

IGCSE has more than 70 subjects divided into Core and Extended levels. Students can choose from 6 to 9 subjects. In which, students can choose a minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of 6 subjects of the Extended level. The scale for the Extended level is from A* to G and for the Core level is C to G, the score U is not passed. But to get a good grade, you must know how to practice the IGCSE program.

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The reason IGCSE is so widely selected is due to the extensive knowledge that the program brings, helping students expand more interesting information in the subjects. However, most students who first contact IGCSE feel confused and difficult to keep up. Understanding your concerns, IGCSE home schooling with tutor has made that concern gradually disappear.

IGCSE home schooling with tutor

IGCSE program requires students to have extensive knowledge, be creative while learning, and require students to think logically. Therefore, IGCSE home schooling with tutors is suitable. This model helps students save time while studying, spend time learning more different languages or study more lessons, contributing to mastering specialized knowledge.

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In addition, instead of having to absorb knowledge in a room with too many people, studying home schooling with a tutor, all those problems need not be worried. Because the tutor will conform to you like a picture with a shadow during each teaching, just follow you and you will receive a large amount of knowledge that the tutor wants to convey.

Due to home study, you will not need to spend time moving to additional teaching facilities. You can take advantage of this time to use it to learn English, exposure to more specialized words. This is very important, because the IGCSE program is an international program that will be studied entirely in English.

Besides the benefits, there will be one thing that every parent needs to consider is the cost of home schooling with tutors. When learning this method, its price will not be cheap, so parents should consider wisely to choose for their children.

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