IGCSE learning methods for the average students

24 September, 2020
igcse learning methods for the average students

giasuib.com – Score is considered a measure of competency and is always an obsession for all students, especially weak average students. So what are the effective IGCSE learning methods for the average students?

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Why is IGCSE score important?

IGCSE is an international high school certificate that is taught at most international schools and is the foundation to study pre-university programs entirely in English such as IB, AP, A-level… This program is divided into two levels – Core and Extented, which score is calculated from A* to G. So what are the effective IGCSE learning methods for the average students?

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IGCSE learning methods for the average students

Here are some tips that can help you improve your score:

  • Attend classes and take notes: Attending class is something all students find boring, but it gives you more information related to your lesson. Taking notes in your own words will help you remember the lesson longer and make it easier to find.
  • Keeping focus and learning spirit: Focusing on the lesson will help you understand the lesson quickly and not miss any part of the lesson. In addition to studying at school, self-study through friends, references, the Internet… is also a way to supplement knowledge and improve yourself.
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  • Complete the assignments: Not everyone can understand the importance of an assignment, but only completing it as a must, so very few students can find the homework also helps you familiarize yourself with the format and IGCSE exam structure like the real exam.
  • Focus on studying and avoid distractions: IGCSE study and practice requires concentration, so put devices such as cell phones, tablets… far away from study locations, calm and comfortable to focus on.
  • Time for rest and relaxation: Besides studying, you also need to take time for your brain to rest, such as playing sports after school, finding new hobbies so that you can give yourself a whole new mind.
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