IGCSE Math is a compulsory subject or not?

29 July, 2020
IGCSE Math is a compulsory subject or not
giasuib.com – IGCSE Math is a compulsory subject or not that is a question many students ask when attending an international program like IGCSE.
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The main subjects in the international programs

To answer the question IGCSE Math is a compulsory subject or not, we first learn about the main subjects taught in popular international programs.

For primary level, students will only study 3 main subjects: Math, Science and English. In addition, teachers will teach integrated topics of History, Geography, Technology and Arts. There are also social and health education programs.

For junior high school level, they still learn Math as a compulsory subject together with Science and English. In addition, some subjects such as Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Arts and Design, IT, Physical Education, Music and Drama are also compulsory subjects but with the duration less than 3 main subjects.

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For IGCSE students, leaving only Math and English is a compulsory option, because Science has been divided into three specific subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Depending on the orientation and interest, they can choose 1 or 2 subjects in these 3 subjects. IGCSE also offers more than 60 different subjects from groups such as Economics, Design, Art, Society, IT… Normally, students will choose to study the total of 6 subjects when attending IGCSE.

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IGCSE Math is a compulsory subject or not?

Usually when listening to international programs taught 100% in English, parents will think of the liberal education from developed countries such as US, UK, Australia, Europe… This means that students are allowed to choose subjects freely depending on their abilities and interests. However, it is a fact that not only IGCSE but nearly all general education programs in the world teach Math as a compulsory subject. Because, it is the foundation for studying other natural sciences, and at the same time, supporting students’ logical thinking.

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