Is IB Biology really difficult?

17 June, 2021 – Is IB Biology really difficult? This is a question that many of you who are planning to choose or are learning about this subject wonder about the answer.

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Difficulties when learning IB Biology

  • While chemistry and physics are based on conceptual and calculated understanding, biology is different in that it is solely based on memorizing information and writing it out to prove your knowledge. The concepts in IB Biology are very hard to understand and the contents are long which is a challenge for the student.
  • Another problem that students face because of the massive content of IB Biology is specialized vocabulary. Because of the large amount of information to learn and not in the direction of solving computational problems, IB Biology students need to memorize a large amount of difficult Biology English vocabulary to be able to complete the tests in the course.
  • When studying IB Biology, students have to know the big picture and understanding the biology behind it. This forces the IB Biology student to study multiple areas and topics, unlike the IB Chemistry or IB Physics students, who are focused only on one area of science.
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So Is IB Biology really difficult?

  • For me personally, the difficulty in IB subjects is different for student, IB Biology will not be too difficult when you understand the causes of difficulty in learning IB Biology and have the right study method.
  • The most difficult parts of IB Biology weren’t the concepts themselves, but how expansive the syllabus was – it covered a full gamut, from molecular to evolutionary biology, … that depends on your option and your level. Remembering such a wide variety of topics can be very difficult, and most of the stress came from the syllabus being so vast that students weren’t able to study all topics in time before the exams.
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  • A lot of students believe that biology is more rote memorization when compared to the other sciences, but in all honesty, IB Biology had a very logical flow and wasn’t too difficult to recall. 
  • Since the syllabus is so vast, condensing the info is important, so making your own notes and using a resource like Home Page | BioNinja can be super helpful.
  • Since the syllabus is so extensive, condensing the information is important, so try to create your own notes, and using a resource like helpful BioNinja can be super helpful.
  • Moreover, through practice, you will easily memorize the knowledge and solve related problems. And always prepare lessons before coming to class, this is also a way to help you absorb the lecture as well as contribute to building better lessons in class.
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