Is IB English Language and Literature really difficult?

15 March, 2021
Is IB English Language and Literature really difficult – You are confused about whether to choose English Literature or English Language and Literature. Here are some facts about is IB English Language and Literature really difficult will help you with your subject and level selection.

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IB English Language and Literature syllabus

Literature gives students the opportunity to gain insight into the comprehensive knowledge and important aspects of the English language through literary works in English. IB English Language and Literature has three areas of exploration and seven core concepts, and focuses on the study of literary works. Students will study 240 hours for 13 works at Higher Level and 150 hours for 9 works at Standard Level.

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Is IB English Language and Literature really difficult?

Students will learn to appreciate the artistry of literature, develop the ability to reflect critically, present analytical literature in a powerful way through both oral and written communication.

Students develop the ability to participate in detailed, rigorous analysis of literary works, building an understanding of techniques related to literary criticism. It will then be assessed through a combination of formal testing and oral and written subjects.

The study of literary works in context is emphasized, and through the study of literature in translation, students are challenged to reflect on the role of cultural assumptions in their interpretation.

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The official test consists of two essays, one asking to analyze a piece of unseen literary text and the other for a comparison of a question based on two learned works. HL students need to add a 1200 – 1500 words essay about one of their literary works, writing skills and effective communication.

Is IB English Language and Literature really difficult? The answer is depending on background knowledge as well as ability to think and perceive literature. There is also a need for additional writing skills and the ability to perceive literature. Now you have decided whether to choose HL or SL, right?

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