Is IB Math AA really difficult?

18 April, 2021
Is IB Math AA really difficult? – In order to help you have a specific view and better understanding about IB Math AA program, let’s find out the answer for the question is IB Math AA really difficult to have the right choice.

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What is IB Math AA?

Math AA (Analysis & Approaches) is an IB Math subject for analysis and approaches. This course is suitable for those who have developed to become proficient in Math reasoning and develop skills in thinking, emphasis on algebraic methods, focus on developing strong skills… Students who orient career in Math, Physical Science, Engineering and Economics should choose IB Math AA.

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Is IB Math AA really difficult?

With any subject, when you do not fully understand it, you will find it difficult. But when you have the right method and study plan, you will realize the subjects are not as difficult as you think.

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Is IB Math AA really difficult depends on what level of SL or HL. For SL, the knowledge is easier than HL. But no matter what level, if you do not focus on simple things, you will lose easily base because it is the foundation that helps you develop skills to solve advanced problems. Here are some methods to conquer IB Math AA:

  • Look carefully at the content of the textbooks: As you refer to any material you will notice what is relevant to the program you are studying. This is also a way to help you develop your thinking ability and proactively solving problems.
  • Solve all the problems that you do not understand: Learning IB Math AA will be very difficult if you keep skipping lectures, exercises, or knowledge that you do not understand. You should take notes, find out the problems from materials on the Internet, or ask friends or teachers to help you.
  • Do exercises from easy to difficult: Regularly doing homework is the best method to help you memorize knowledge as well as solve problems. In addition to the textbooks and exercises in class, you can buy more books from Cambridge, Oxford, Pearson… with specific answers and explanations to easily search and solve problems by yourself.
  • Stop cramming: Waiting until the exam date to review is often ineffective, but many students still fall into this situation. The accumulation every day will help you not only firmly grasp the knowledge but also discover many new things. When you get to the exam you won’t have to review too many topics.
  • Study with friends: This is a good way to help you approach many different ways of learning. When you support your friends, you will remember knowledge longer, and when friends share solutions or questions with you, you can learn from their own experiences. 
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