Is IB Math AI really difficult?

29 April, 2021
Is IB Math AI really difficult – For any subject, you will encounter many subject specialists and certain difficulties when choosing them. Is IB Math AI really difficult when the question is bothering you.

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What is IB Math AI?

Application & Interpretation (AI) is suitable for students interested in developing Math into the real world.

The program prioritizes learning Statistics & Distribution over Calculus to focus on developing Math skills in practice.

This subject is good for industry groups such as Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Natural Science, Statistics, Business, Engineering, Psychology, Design, Economics…

The final exam at SL includes Paper 1 and 2, at HL includes Paper 1, 2 and 3, both levels can use the calculator when taking the exam.

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What are the topics in IB Math AI?

  • Number and Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Statistic and Probability
  • Calculus with different priorities
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Is IB Math AI really difficult?

  • Depending on the choice of SL or HL: SL will not be too difficult and the development of the relevant skills required for the course is also relatively easy, HL will be higher, requiring More complex and solid skills.
  • The passion for Math: Applied Math will become familiar to everyone, but difficulties will be eliminated when you have the passion, the spirit of learning and hard work. If you interested in practical applications in the world of finance and natural sciences, then IB Math AI will be easier.
  • Use of graphical calculators: In the test, students will have to master how to use a graphic calculator effectively and appropriately. For a wrong thing on the graph, your answer will also go a mile. If this is the problem, then Math AI may not be right for you.

Is IB Math AI really difficult depends on the amount of knowledge as well as advanced problems. When you have a general overview and do not take the basics lightly along with the love of the subject, you will develop skills to do well in Math.

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