Is IB Physics really difficult?

27 July, 2021
Is IB Physics really difficult? – Is IB Physics really difficult? This is a question that many of you plan to choose or are learning this subject don’t have the answer. Giasuib will synthesize information to help you have a specific view to make the most suitable choice.

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What are the topics in IB Physics?

At the Standard level, you will learn 8 topics with 95 hours

  • Measurement and uncertainties
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal physics
  • Waves
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Circular motion and gravitation
  • Atomic, nuclear, and particle physics
  • Energy production 

If students studying High Level, you will learn Additional topics with 60 hours

  • Wave phenomena (HL)
  • Fields
  • Electromagnetic induction 
  • Quantum and nuclear physics

In addition, students also learn some Option and Practical scheme of work with different hours depending on the level

To answer the question Is IB Physics really difficult? giasuib will give the following information, hopefully, it can help you.

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Is IB Physics really difficult?

  • Physics includes complex knowledge: subjects related to majors such as construction, information technology, telecommunications, engineering, mechanics … at university
  • The formula of the law is difficult to remember, the terminology is quite confusing, so it requires a lot of thinking knowledge, inference, thinking ability, logical reasoning, and calculation.
  • The nature of Physics causes ambiguity, difficulty in visualization, lack of flexibility, which makes the lesson less interesting, requiring experiments as well as practice rooms to clearly explain the concepts and operating mechanisms of physics, phenomenal.
  • The theory is more complicated than Math: in addition to the theoretical knowledge of physics, there are many exercises that require imagination and practical observations to thoroughly understand the phenomena outlined in the exercise.
  • The syllabus is extensive: so it is important to summarize the information systematically, so you need to make your own notes, and you can also refer to the Physics related website
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Method to study IB Physics better

  • Love the subject, understand the benefits and purposes of studying physics: Loving the subject will help you enjoy learning new topics as well as discovering new methods of doing the test.
  • Find someone who inspires in learning: when you understand the benefits and purposes of learning as well as find a passion for the subject, studying IB Physics will become easier
  • Build a reasonable study plan: along with choosing SL or HL, you need to choose the right curriculum for your level, thereby building short and long-term goals to achieve the best learning results.
  • Practice memorizing knowledge: when applying knowledge to solving related exercises, preparing lessons before class will help you absorb the lecture as well as contribute to building better lessons in class.
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