Is it possible to register for the AP exam?

7 July, 2020
Is it possible to register for the AP exam
Giasuib – In recent years, Vietnam has adopted many international educational programmes and AP  is one of them. In spite of the growing fame of AP certificate, not many people know is it possible to register for the AP exam?
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General information about AP Programme

AP certificate – educational programme, was built and organized by the College Board, who is in charge of SAT and TOEFL exams. By designing AP Subjects to match the content of the first year in college, students will get used to the academic pressure of the bachelor level. Specifically made for high school students from 10 – 12 grade, who are capable of following these advanced courses.

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Is it possible to register for the AP exam?

AP exams in Vietnam are held annually in May and organized in International High schools. Therefore, only students from those schools get to register for the examination. Every year in March, an official list of schools organizing AP exam in Vietnam is released. Here is that list: 

    1. SSIS – Saigon South International School
    2. TAS – The American School
    3. ISHCMC – International School Ho Chi Minh City
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This is how to register AP Exam:

  • Students should start the registration process mid-January. First, you need to contact the schools organizing AP exam to inquire for supervisor’s contact information.
  • Contact the AP exam supervisor to ask for email and registration form (this form can be vary, because each school has their own form)
  • Fill in the information needed and send the form to the supervisor (in the email, remember to put your full name, school, AP subjects)
  • After receiving the form, the supervisor will send you the date of examination, registration fees and payment deadline.

When emailing (or calling) the schools, you need to focus on 2 basic information:

  • Does that school have the subject you want to take?
  • Whether the school will accept external test takers this year

In addition to that, you can also contact AP services through 888-225-5427 or +1-212-632-1780 or email to ask for the list of schools offering AP exam in Vietnam alongside with the supervisors’ information. In case there is no available international schools offering your desired subject in Vietnam, you should contact Thailand international schools instead because the fees are equivalent to that in Vietnam. Now you know is it possible to register for the AP exam?

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