Methods to dominate IGCSE Economics

5 October, 2021
Methods to dominate IGCSE Economics – For IGCSE students, a new subject like Economics can be very overwhelming. Therefore, it is necessary to understand methods to dominate IGCSE Economics

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How difficult is IGCSE Economics?

What about the IGCSE Economics that makes students find how to overcome IGCSE Economics? Is IGCSE Economics really that difficult?

According to most students’ personal opinions, IGCSE Economics is somewhat more difficult than A-level Economics (a higher level program than IGCSE). The main reason why IGCSE Economics is so difficult is that Economics is still a new knowledge for grade 9-10 students. Surely everyone knows that, when you start learning something new, you will encounter many difficulties and even a lot of mistakes. This leads to many students getting bored with IGCSE Economics just because they can’t follow what is taught in class. 

Another difficult side of IGCSE Economics stems from the students’ subject choices. Sometimes in the process of choosing subjects, especially in the IGCSE program, students tend to choose subjects randomly, not according to their own interests and strengths. This leads to the fact that in the learning process, they find that this subject is not suitable for their interest, leading to a drop in academic performance. 

The last difficult aspect of IGCSE Economics is that this is a subject with practical knowledge, requiring students to have practical thinking using real-life scenarios. Not all students in grades 9-10 have this ability so this makes learning this subject somewhat difficult. So students need to know methods to dominate IGCSE Economics.

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Methods to dominate IGCSE Economics

After knowing the reasons why IGCSE Economics is difficult, next we will reveal to you how to overcome IGCSE Economics

  • Arrange your timetable

This is the method that almost everyone uses. To be able to review and study well, everyone needs to have a separate timetable to arrange specifically for studying. The time factor is always the deciding factor for effective learning. If you do not arrange a reasonable time for studying, your learning efficiency will definitely decrease.

There are many ways to schedule your study time, you can schedule your time in 25 minute time frames (with 5 minute break), with that method you will be able to maximize your learning efficiency..

  • Past Paper Practice

After you have created a suitable timetable for studying, the next thing to conquer IGCSE Economics is to practice the Past Papers. Since IGCSE Economics focuses on theory and practical knowledge, the practice of Past Paper is essential. In the process of practicing Past papers, students will understand the exam structure as well as the types of questions frequently asked in future IGCSE Economics papers.

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  • Practice with friends

This is the method that should be applied in conjunction with the Past paper practice. There is an old saying that “Better learn your friend than your teacher”. Learning with friends can be applied in both the international program and the Vietnamese program. Let’s gather together, work together, give comments and corrections to each other’s work, as well as share each other’s personal learning experiences with each other with the goal of common development.

  • Take note

Taking note to record the key points and main ideas after everybody study sessions is a good method that helps with revising when taking exam. As you take notes, note your strengths and weaknesses in any IGCSE Economics topic, so you can move forward with the process of reinforcing those strengths and overcoming those weaknesses.

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