Reference books for IB Biology

5 August, 2020
Reference books for IB Biology
Giasuib – International Baccalaureate (IB) is seen as one of the most advanced international education program, which many students have been to hell and back studying, especially IB Biology. Therefore, what reference books for IB Biology are the most effective?
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About IB Biology

IB Biology is a subject focusing on researching animals, the relationship between species and between animals and the environment. Some topics can be listed in IB Biology such as: cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, ecosystems, genetics … Biology requires students to memorize a large sum of knowledge about creatures in general, from bacteria to animals as well as gene combinations. The diversity of every living organism makes IB Biology become an interesting and fascinating subject. Moreover, humanity is still trying to explain and understand biology from a micro to macro level through many different methods, techniques, in order to elevate the living standard and meet the growing needs of people.

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Reference books for IB Biology

Since this subject consists of a broad field of knowledge, students need to acquire some suitable learning methods like reinforcing common terminology in Biology; they also need to be active in class by joining extracurricular activities, finding many solutions to individual problem in the curriculum… Here are some popular reference books to prepare students for IB Biology:

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  1. IB Diploma Programme – Oxford’s Biology programme consists of 2 books: Course book and Study guide.  This is a must-have reference book for the process of learning IB Biology. Within this book contain detailed and elaborated explanations, practice exercises for every topics, realistic questions…. Furthermore, it is streamlined and easy to understand.
  2. IB Biology Flashcards by publisher Mometrix: By helping students analyze every topics into significantly detailed pieces of content, this book will speed up the learn-by-heart process.
  3. Biology for the IB Diploma by publisher Hodder: Most suitable for students with medium to poor academic performance, this syllabus is seen as one of the most informative of all the syllabus. Containing methods of using charts and illustrations for complicated problems, this book greatly decrease the amount of time memorizing the subject’s content.

If self-studying hasn’t yielded desired results, students can look for international IB tutoring center to assist you. These centers are always up-to-date with the latest IB information with syllabus focusing on the right key point, helping students regain missing knowledge and pick up new effective methods to  learn new Biology’s terminology. Hopefully, this article has provided you the information about Reference books for IB Biology

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