What reference books for IB Business should be chosen?

15 September, 2020
What reference books for IB Business should be chosen

giasuib.com – Business knowledge is the most common, but case study in IB Business is multifaceted. Knowing what reference books for IB Business should be chosen is one of the important factors for success.

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What does IB Business Management include?

IB Business is designed for students to familiarize themselves with and grasp knowledge related to the following 5 areas:

1) Business Organization and Environment

2) Human Resource Management

3) Finance and Accounts

4) Marketing

5) Operations Management

The knowledge of IB Business focuses on the interpretation and description of the above 5 factors. Students must apply practical knowledge in the course. This seems to include “rough” knowledge, but in fact the contents often appear a lot in everyday economic life.

IB Business course focuses on analyzing, comparing and giving real-world examples of the environment, business strategy, and business lessons from major companies and enterprises around the world. So what reference books for IB Business should be chosen?

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What reference books for IB Business should be chosen?

  1. Paul Hoang – Business Management for IB Diploma, 3rd Edition – IBID Press: This is the standard material of IB Business. This book is used by many teachers and students for accurate and receptive notes as well as expert advice and questions that follow the exam structure on each topic, helping students with 3 main aspects:
  • Practice and test your proficiency on a series of questions.
  • Identify important elements in key terms and knowledge of each topic.
  • Determine what you need to do to achieve a certain score with tips, tricks, and practice methods.
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  1. Kognity: This is a specialized e-book material that is used to supplement the writing tips and key knowledge. Kognity is chosen by students because it has a rich exercise section and detailed solutions for each problem making it very easy to practice. In the experience of many students, Kognity should be used with other materials to increase efficiency.
  2. Stimpson – Business Management – Cambridge: Designed to suit the requirements and evaluation criteria of the IB program, this material is beloved with rigorous IB exam structure and unique writing methods. In addition, it also integrates TOK (Theory of Knowledge) for students to easily refer to.
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