What reference books for IB Math should be chosen?

18 June, 2020
What reference books for IB Math should be chosen
Giasuib – In IB programme, Math is a compulsory and complex subject, difficult to comprehend. To overcome this, students must know what reference books for IB Math should be chosen.
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About IB Math

IB Math consists of knowledge about of algebra, functions and equations, calculus, trigonometry, matrices, vectors, statistical probability … and requires students to have a solid foundation in general and technical mathematics, analytical skills as well as apply the knowledge learned in practical exercises. Since 2019 – 2020, Math has been divided in 4 levels:

  • Analysis and approaches SL
  • Analysis and approaches HL
  • Applications and interpretation SL
  • Applications and interpretation HL

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IB Math is a seemingly familiar subject but it is quite new to Vietnamese students. With a large sum of practical knowledge and challenging assignments, IB Math focuses on developing students’ thinking skills. Through basic to advanced Math practices, students have to self-develop problem-solving skill and give possibilities in a scientific view.

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What reference books for IB Math should be chosen? 

As the IB Math course requires students to improve their thinking ability, more and more students have encountered many difficulties in comprehend this “troublesome” subject. However, there is one way to overcome this problem is to consult and refer to the mathematical materials and curriculum. So what reference books for IB Math should be chosen?

  1. Oxford IB Diploma Programme: This is a well-known syllabus for IB students published by Oxford. This book has been used by many official instructors as well as tutors from IB exam preparation centers.
  2. Publisher Haese: Haese is a publisher specializing in Math related books for many international programs from IBO to Cambridge, even Australian Curriculum and UK Curriculum. As a specialized publisher on Math, Haese’s books stay close to the IB curriculum and offer many good application exercises.
  3. Publisher Pearson: is a highly respectable book publisher for international programs like Haese, but Pearson is chosen by many students because of its design and high applicability.

Other than that, if possible, students should seek out for international tutoring center specialized in IB exam preparation to improve their learning ability. Prestigious IB Math tutoring center will always keep their curriculum up-to-date, catch on new educational news and have a team of highly specialized and experienced teachers imparting knowledge. Now you know what reference books for IB Math should be chosen.

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