Should choose IB or A-level for studying in UK?

4 June, 2020
Should choose IB or A-level for studying in UK – For students who are still in school, studying abroad is a dream and an opportunity to approach advanced education and expanding future. So should choose IB or A-level for studying in UK?
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IB and A-level have the same purpose of reinforcing basic knowledge, equipping students with the necessary skills and extensive academic vocabulary to prepare for university entrance, but these certificates all have their own features for students to consider options. So should choose IB or A-level for studying in UK?

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  1. The flexibility

If IB studies on a wide scale, focus on a set of core competencies, skills and values ​​that are critical to each student’s development, holistic approach, requiring students to learn more subjects and link between them, helping students have a better knowledge base in all subjects, A-level focuses on in-depth research, specific areas that are closely related to the study field and later career.

  1. The popularity

IB and A-level are recognized all over the world and are considered the gold standard for entering university. But in UK, A-level is more concerned by parents even though IB is becoming more and more popular.

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  1. Challenge yourself

If students want a long-term perspective, challenging themselves in new areas and acquiring new skills, IB has a lot of meaning. UK universities require IB points to be more difficult than A-levels.

  1. Prepare for college and future career

For students who have identified the study field, A-level is the best choice. Meanwhile, IB is suitable for students who have not been able to orient their career in the future.

In short, depending on your strengths and the requirements of the universities that students should consider and answer to the question should choose IB or A-level for studying in UK. However, A-level certificate is issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of Cambridge University. Therefore, to study in UK, A-level will be the most dominant choice.

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