Should choose IB or AP for studying in US?

6 June, 2020
Should choose IB or AP for studying in US – IB and AP are popular education programs in the world, many students choose to study to improve their study abroad dreams, but should choose IB or AP for studying in US?

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Although IB and AP are very familiar in high school in US, to choose a program that is suitable for abilities and goals, it is difficult for students as well as parents. So should choose IB or AP for studying in US?

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  1. Recognized by US universities

Both programs are widely recognized globally, but AP dominates in US. According to a recent survey, there are more than 18,000 schools offering AP program, while only over 1,207 schools offer IB program.

  1. AP provides more flexible and specific programs

If IB is for students who want to have the comprehensive education for prestigious universities around the world, AP allows students to choose subjects that match their strengths and related to their future careers.

In addition, AP accepts freelance candidate to register for the exam while to take the IB certificate, students need to enroll in an IB program at schools authorized by IBO.

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  1. Get college credits

IB and AP help students to earn first year college credits in high school. However, universities tend to give credits for high achieving students in IB HL courses, meanwhile IB SL courses are uncertain. In contrast, AP subjects have the same level, so if students choose 3 IB HL and 3 IB SL subjects can still receive less credits than choosing to study 6 AP courses.

  1. AP saves more money

Students spend about 94 USD to take the AP exam while paying 172 USD for the registration fee each year and an additional 119 USD for the exam fee for each IB subject.

Finally, should choose IB or AP for studying in US?

AP and IB are great preparations for college. However, depending on the requirements, students will choose the appropriate program. For the reasons listed, AP will be the superior choice for those who intend to study in US.

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