The advantage of IB diploma

27 June, 2020
The advantage of IB diploma – IB is the leading educational program which is recognized worldwide, so IB attracts more and more students to enroll. What is the advantage of IB diploma?
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IB offers the high quality international program around the world, emphasizes on encouraging students to develop essential, intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, study and work in a rapidly globalized world. What is the advantage of IB diploma?

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  1. Have the opportunity to study at famous universities

Students who possess IB diploma are highly valued for their ability to think independently, to self-study and improve to absorb new knowledge. Therefore, they not only have more opportunities to attend the top schools, but they can also study well during their higher education years than their peers.

  1. Improve the research skills

IB’s core requirements such as epistemology, extended essay (EE) and internal assessment (IA) help students develop independent research and organizational skills. These skills are very important for those who want to study higher programs and develop their careers later.

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  1. Encourage time management and critical thinking

Students with IB diploma are assessed to have better study skills than non-IB students in presentation, research and analysis skills to apply to real life. Through the program, these students also developed the habit of self-study by taking time to do homework, finding solutions, modifying and restraining thanks to the help of teachers.

  1. Develop as the whole package

Extracurricular activities (CAS) in IB’s core program are fundamental components, teaching life skills for students to enhance personal development and create interpersonal connections through arts, sports and volunteer activities.

With the advantage of IB diploma, students attending this program will have a comprehensive foundation for knowledge, skill and physical ability to meet the requirements of life in the future.

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