The advantage of IGCSE certificate

26 June, 2020
The advantage of IGCSE certificate – IGCSE is the most search international education program in the field of education today. What is the advantage of IGCSE certificate?
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IGCSE was developed by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Since its inception, IGSCE has become a popular choice for students aged 14-16. The program provides a variety of options that suit the different abilities of the learners, including students whose native language is not English. What is the advantage of IGCSE certificate?

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  1. Proficient in English

With the choice of English as the first language, in order to help students develop effective and confident communication skills, the program also creates a foundation to support academic vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation. IGCSE First Language English also develops analytical, synthesis, reasoning and ability to organize events and present ideas effectively.

  1. Global connection

IGCSE strongly encourages students to develop global prospects and promote international thinking through learning and teaching approaches. Students can join the global network of community learners to share materials, information and tools to enhance learning.

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  1. Accredited by international universities and employers

One of the biggest benefits IGCSE offers is recognition from the best universities, organizations, governments and employers in the world due to the skills that the program equips with many requirements. In particular, IGCSE certificate clearly shows the ability and excellence of each student.

  1. Improve life skills and apply to practice

With the quality, rigor, fairness and versatility of Cambridge Assessments, one more the advantage of IGCSE certificate is to ensure students have the necessary skills such as critical thinking and creativity, analysis skills, problem solving, time management… while ensuring students master the concept and knowledge to apply for the further period.

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