The benefits of AP certificate

12 August, 2020
The benefits of AP certificate
Giasuib – AP (Advanced Placement) is one of the most well-known international educational program in Vietnam. Most people only follow AP program to pursue their dream of studying abroad but few know about the benefits of AP certificate.
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What is AP?

Advanced Placement or AP, is developed and managed by College Board, USA. The Advanced Placement (AP) program is an intensive and comprehensive college preparatory program that requires strong reading and analytical thinking skills. The AP includes courses corresponding to the first year of university, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the university environment. One of the benefits of AP certificate is that students have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school if students manage to achieve high AP result.

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The benefits of AP certificate

For students with excellent academic performance, AP program is a great accomplishment for students to present to the Admissions Board, while saving a lot of time and money, as well as experience and find your future career guidance. According to a recent article by The College Board, the number of AP students has doubled since 2003. However, there are still a lot of potential students who are still not involved. According to The College Board: “The purpose of these courses is to familiarize students with the academic environment at university, and to earn college credit during high school.” In addition to that, AP offers other benefits:

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  1. You will graduate sooner: The point of receiving college credit will help you graduate sooner than usual, which will immensely save students’ time and money.
  2. AP certificate will glorify your resume: When applying for college, you will leave a large impression on the Admissions Board with AP certificate. Moreover, AP credits will demonstrate your academic ability and a clear orientation for learning and career plans in the future.
  3. Studying at AP will help develop your own study skills: Because AP courses are more difficult than regular courses, during the course of study, students will develop thinking, analytic and problem-solving skill and you will become more confident and more mature with your decisions. 

An academic journey is rather long, that’s why learners must persevere in pursuing the set goals despite troublesome obstacles. Keeping the spirit calm, confident and energetic is the motivation that helps learners to move forward and ready to overcome challenges.

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