The most used IB book collection

15 December, 2020
The most used IB book collection – IB program is taught in many different international schools from European to Asia countries. Therefore, choosing reliable materials are significant for candidates. The most used IB book collection will help you get high performance.

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IB program 

IB program is aimed at pre-university students who have a need to enter the prestigious universities in the world and this program is divided into 3 levels:

  • IB PYP – Primary Years Program.
  • IB MYP – Middle Years Program.
  • IB DP – Diploma Program.

When referring to the IB program, most parents and students are referring to IB DP, because the popularity of this level of education is much better than the other two levels. Therefore, when it comes to “IB program”, the article is talking about IB DP level.

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The most used IB book collection

  • IB Business Management: The only DP Business and Management coursebook gives unrivalled insight into IB assessment and drives high achievement. Written by experienced IB teachers and workshop leaders, this fully updated edition offers unrivalled coverage of the new 2014 syllabus. With the most comprehensive coverage of all the SL and HL topics, a special focus on concept-based learning helps fully embed this new requirement – all the essential concepts are integrated at every stage, including change, culture and globalization. Thoroughly matched to the IB philosophy and encouraging a truly outward-looking approach, case studies and TOK connections ensure a firm understanding of today’s increasingly international business environment.
  • The most comprehensive coverage of the new 2014 syllabus, written by experienced IB teachers and workshop leaders.
  • Completely overhauled to comprehensively build the in-depth subject knowledge learners need for success.
  • Fully embeds the new concept-based learning requirement, addressing all of the key concepts that underpin the new syllabus including globalization and culture.
  • Relevant case studies and a strong international focus.
  • Rigorously prepares students for assessment, with the only assessment support directly from the IB driving high achievement.
  • Thoroughly embraces the IB approach with a strong focus on TOK.
  • Fully comprehensive and directly supporting Study Guide cements all the key theory, for the best performance in assessment.

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  • IB Math SL: The International Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968 as a non-profit educational foundation that endeavored to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who would go on to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. What began as a single program for internationally mobile students preparing for college has grown into a series of programs for students up to age 19. Barron’s is pleased to offer a brand new course review and exam preparation guide for the IB Mathematics SL exam. The content of the book is based on the subject guide, published by the International Baccalaureate Organization. It covers all topics required for exams beginning in 2014 and includes:
  • A full-length diagnostic test with mark scheme and fully explained answers.
  • Study tips and exam strategies.
  • Topic review and practice for each strand of the IB Math SL curriculum, including explanations and examples as well as problem sets with fully explained solutions.
  • Two full-length practice exams with fully explained answers.
  • IB Biology: The most used IB book collection from biology resource developed with the IB to accurately match the new 2014 syllabus for both SL and HL. This revised edition gives you support for the new concept-based approach to learning. Understanding, applications and skills are integrated in every topic, alongside TOK links and real-world connections to drive inquiry and independent learning. Assessment support directly from the IB, includes practice questions and worked examples in each topic, along with focused support for both the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay. Truly aligned with the IB philosophy, this course book gives unrivalled insight and support at every stage.
  • Written by co-authors of the new syllabus and leading IB workshop leaders.
  • Accurately cover the new syllabus – the most comprehensive match, with support directly from the IB on the core, AHL and all the options.
  • Fully integrate the new concept-based approach, holistically addressing understanding, applications, skills and the Nature of science.
  • Tangibly build assessment potential with assessment support straight from IB.
  • Develop confidence – data-based questions and focused practice support exceptional achievement.
  • Supported by a fully comprehensive and updated Study Guide.

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