Things to know about IB score

17 December, 2020
Physics in English books – IB exam preparation is of great interest to international students. Therefore, parents and students need to be aware of things to know about IB score before taking the exam.

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IB program

IB program consists of 6 subject groups:

  • First language
  • Second language
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

Students can change Arts group into one of the 5 subject groups above. Each subject is divided into 2 levels: Standard Level – SL and Higher Level – HL. Students must select at least 3 subjects (or up to 4 subjects) in HL.

In addition, students also need to complete 3 core requirements:

  • Complete Extended Essay (EE) 4,000 words.
  • Participate in the course “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK).
  • Join in activities “Creativity, Action and Service” (CAS).

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Things to know about IB score

If you successfully complete the exams of 6 subject groups, you will get 42 points and receive 3 extra points from Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a 4,000 word Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). The highest total score will be 45 points.

  • Maximum score for each subject is 7.
  • Students may receive an additional 3 points from the results of EE and TOK.
  • Achieve at least 24 points for a total of 6 subjects.

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  • If in the official IB exam in May every year, candidates do not have enough 24 points for 6 subjects, they still have one more chance in November of the same year.
  • Students can choose from 1 to 2 subjects of their strength in 6 subjects tested to resit. If the score of the resit exam plus the remaining subjects scores from the full 24 points, students will receive the 2nd International Baccalaureate in the same year.
  • Students need an IB exam preparation process to be able to complete and receive the prestigious baccalaureate.
  • Because the program receives a lot of interest from prestigious universities in the, the difficulty of this program is also a big challenge.
  • In the process of IB exam preparation, to achieve highest results, students need to find the materials originating from reputable sites or books written from major publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton…
  • If you find it difficult to learn by yourself or want to add new knowledge from experienced preceders, you can look for a reputable IB tutoring center to receive effective teaching and quickly achieve what you want.

These aforementioned useful things to know about IB score.

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