Things to know about IGCSE score

5 April, 2021
Things to know about IGCSE score – General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a two-year program in grade 9 and 10. After completing the program, students will take the IGCSE exam organized and provided certification by CIE. In order to know more about this program, the article below shares things to know about IGCSE score.


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Things to know about IGCSE score


IGCSE lasts for 2 years, there are over 70 subjects, each student can choose from 6 to 9 subjects depending on their ability and interests, usually select 6 subjects. Each subject in IGCSE program is divided into two levels: Core and Extended.


  • For Core: The program is designed to primarily teaching the most basic knowledge.
  • For Extended: The program includes Core knowledge and advanced knowledge.


IGCSE scale is calculated from A* to G, that A* is the highest, G is the lowest, and U (ungraded) is considered unclassified. For each subject, students must achieve score C or higher to apply to higher programs.


In addition, IGCSE score is based on the final exam, which means that students can complete self-study at home or take IGCSE at any center, then enroll for the exam at the institution authorized by CIE.


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Other information about IGCSE


Valid: IGCSE certificate is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma, so it is valid indefinitely.


Subjects of IGCSE: When student study IGCSE program, they usually choose subjects in the following 6 groups:


  1. Creative and Professional
  2. English Language and Literature
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Sciences
  6. Humanities and Social Sciences


Benefits of IGCSE:

  • When possessing IGCSE certificates, students have the advantage to apply to domestic or foreign colleges or universities.
  • Helping students to have in-depth knowledge that forms a solid foundation when going to study higher.
  • Students have opportunities to use and practice language skills.
  • During the learning process, students have access to subjects that help guide careers in the future.


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IGCSE exam is held twice a year in June and November, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) will send representatives to Vietnam to organize and supervise the exam along with facilities. All tests will be scored in UK and test results will be published in August and January.


You can register to take IGCSE exam in British Council Vietnam through or contact British Council Vietnam directly for related questions. That is things to know about IGCSE score

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