Topics in IGCSE Business Studies

25 December, 2020
Topics in IGCSE Business Studies – Business always chosen by the student but what are the topics in IGCSE Business Studies? Why student always choose it?

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Topics in IGCSE Business Studies

IGCSE Business is a subject provides for student a lot of knowledge about business in public and private, understand the marketing currently changes.

Moreover, student will connect to the way of organize, finance activities, business functions as marketing, finance…

Beside the supplement these knowledge, student will include these knowledge of analytical, interpret the data, analytical the business activities…

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Chapter I – The importance of globalization
  • The concept of globalization and the reasons for it.
  • Opportunities and threats of globalization for business.
  • Why government might introduce import tariffs and import quotas.
Chapter II – Reasons for the importance and growth of multinational companies (MNCs)
  • Benefits to a business of becoming a multinational and the impact on its stakeholders.
  • Potential benefits to a country and/or economy where a MNC is located, e.g jobs, exports, increased choice, investment.
  • Potential drawbacks to a country and/or economy where MNC is located, e.g. reduced sale of local business, repatriation or profits.
Chapter III – The impact of exchange and rate changes
  • Depreciation and appreciation of an exchange rate.
  • How exchange rate changes can effect business as importers and exporters of product, e.g. prices, competitiveness, profitability.


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Why does the student always choose Business instead of Economics? 

As the problem we presented above, now you’re already know what are the topics in IGCSE Business Studies include? IGCSE Economics is as same as, on Business student have to learn about the business and these activities inside, but on Economics student not only learn about these issues, they have to learn more about the microeconomic and macroeconomic. This is the different between Economics and Business and this is the reason why student always choose Business instead of Economics because of the familiar with student.

However on Business, student have to learn more not only at school to apply these knowledge to get a good result. If you have trouble with self-study or want to get more information, you can look up for yourself a prestigious tutor center to receive their teaching and experiences from teachers to win the best result.

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