Topics in IGCSE Math

2 July, 2020
Topics in IGCSE Math – IGCSE Math includes 3 levels: Core, Extended and Additional, but in general, topics in IGCSE Math are all about the same basic content and will improve at the extension depending on the level.
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Levels in IGCSE Math

In general, topics in IGCSE Math will be the same at Core and Extended, only the extension with advanced knowledge will only be for students who choose Extended.

  • IGCSE Math Core: The content revolves around the most core knowledge for students in grade 9 and 10. This level is suitable for students who have the career orientation that is not much related to Math. Students can easily achieve high results at this level if they study hard.
  • IGCSE Math Extended: This level is for students who not only have good foundation but also have the strong interest in Math. The content goes deeper than Core through an extension on each topic in IGCSE Math syllabus and closely linked to the higher level programs such as A-level, IB…
  • IGCSE Math Additional: For students who have vast knowledge of Math, with a high level of competence and interest in analytical and logical skills, this level covers all topics of the previous and further levels, suitable for those who study deeply in Math to become professors or researchers in areas related to Math.
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Topics in IGCSE Math

9 topics will be learned in IGCSE Math with Core and Extended:

  • Number: Number and language, Accuracy, Calculations and order, Integers, fractions, decimals and percentages, Further percentages, Ratio and proportion, Indices and standard form, Money and finance, Time, Set notation and Venn diagrams.
  • Algebra and graphs: Algebraic representation and manipulation, Algebraic indices, Equations and inequalities, Linear programming, Sequences, Proportion, Graphs in practical situations, Graphs of functions, Differentiation and the gradient function, Functions.
  • Coordinate geometry: Straight line graphs.
  • Geometry: Geometrical vocabulary and construction, Similarity and congruence, Symmetry, Angle properties.
  • Mensuration: Measures, Perimeter, area and volume.
  • Trigonometry: Bearings, Trigonometry, Further trigonometry.
  • Vectors and transformations: Vectors, Transformations.
  • Probability: Probability, Further probability.
  • Statistics: Mean, median, mode and range, Collecting and displaying data, Cumulative frequency and box-plots.
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In addition to the knowledge of the two levels above, students who choose IGCSE Math Additional will learn the following 14 topics:

  • Functions.
  • Quadratic functions.
  • Equations, inequalities and graphs.
  • Indices and surds.
  • Factors of polynomials.
  • Simultaneous equations.
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions.
  • Straight line graphs.
  • Circular measure.
  • Trigonometry.
  • Permutations and combinations.
  • Series.
  • Vectors in two dimensions.
  • Differentiation and integration.
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