Tutor to teach IB Computer Science

2 December, 2021
Gia sư dạy môn IB Computer Science

giasuib.com – For IT or Computer Science related professions are conducted in English, the income is quite attractive and there is a chance to have the opportunity to advance in career. That’s why many students choose Computer Science in IB program. But currently, many of them have not found a tutor to teach IB Computer Science that suits their needs.

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IB Computer Science syllabus

 IB Computer Science course will include the following main contents:

Unit 1: System fundamentals

Unit 2: Computer organization

Unit 3: Networks

Unit 4: Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming

Unit 5: Abstract data structures (HL only)

Unit 6: Resource management(HL only)

Unit 7: Control (HL only)

Students are also required to choose 1 out of 4 options as follows:

  1. Databases
  2. Modelling and simulation
  3. Web science
  4. Object-oriented programming

The course helps students develop an understanding of programming, system fundamentals, computer organization… In addition, this course supports students’ learning about introductory programming while also solving problems through programming.

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When you study Computer Science, you face a lot of abstract and specialized knowledge, so you need to understand and apply it to develop a variety of skills such as creative thinking, analysis, logical, critical, confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and committed to prepare for majors at college and university level.

Most students who choose to study IB Computer Science will face many difficulties that require you to seek support from after school tutoring centers, because the time spent on school is quite limited and this subject is quite difficult for students to learn on their own at home. A tutor to teach IB Computer Science will have experience in ways to help students understand and apply them to both programming and practical exercises.

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How to find a tutor to teach A-level Computer Science?

Currently, many students have difficulty finding tutors for IB Computer Science. You are quite confused as to which center to choose to study at, whether that center teaches well, is the place convenient for you to join, how long does it take to learn effectively, and the tuition fee is appropriate or not…

To evaluate the quality of IB Computer Science tutors, students should rely on criteria such as the teaching style, you can consult with former students; facilities and location, just like the location is convenient for learners or the study time can be flexibly arranged for the student; especially the teacher can participate in a trial session to evaluate the teaching process… If everything is gonna be alright, you don’t need to hesitate for enrolling or not anymore.

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