What are the benefits of getting high AP score?

21 December, 2020
What are the benefits of getting high AP score

giasuib.com – Are you confused about the AP score? The following article will give you a better look at what are the benefits of getting high AP score?

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What are the benefits of getting high AP score?

AP program is not divided into levels, but depends on your wishes and abilities. The score of AP subjects is from 1 to 5, of which 3 are accepted by most universities. However, when you reach a score of 4 or 5, there are more advantages:

  • Make your profile more prominent and impressive: When applying to the top universities in the US, the higher your AP score, the more advantage you have, because you prove your abilities and clearly oriented for your study plan. 
  • Reduce credit, shorten study program: The higher the AP score can allow students to skip a lot of entry level courses. Then you will graduate sooner than usual, which will save you considerable time and money.
  • Development of study skills: AP courses are more difficult than regular courses, so during the learning process, you can develop your thinking ability, analyze and solve problems. Furthermore you will be more confident and mature.
  • Scholarship opportunities: Some states in the US have scholarship programs for students with AP certificates such as Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Texas…

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How can improve the AP score?

There are some students who take the AP exam with 3 and want to improve to 4 or 5:

  • Plan to study and practice as soon as possible: This will give you plenty time to practice and have more experiences on AP exams.
  • Focus and improve the weaknesses: When you identify your weak knowledge, you need to re-system and master the basics, then do more exercises to improve the weak skills.
  • Practice more tests: This way helps you get used to the exam and can systemize the tips for yourself.

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In addition, you can also take part in online courses or prestigious tutoring courses to practice AP exam effectively and save time. Now you know what are the benefits of getting high AP score. Hope the above information can help you in your future education path.

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