What are the benefits of getting high IB score?

19 December, 2020
What are the benefits of getting high IB score

giasuib.com – IB is a global non-profit educational program aimed at creating opportunities for students to win a place at universities around the world. But what are the benefits of getting high IB score?

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Exemption contributes to shortening time

What are the benefits of getting high IB score? When a student achieves an IB with a high cumulative IB score (6-7 points in the subject), the equivalent credit exemption will be given in year 1 of college. If students do not fully study IB program, they will still receive a reduction in college credit for IB subjects studied in high school.

Subjects in IB are likely to be achieved by workers comparable to those in university subjects, meaning that students receive credits equivalent to the number of subjects. Depending on the number of certificates studied, many schools transfer up to 24 credits (usually 30 credits an academic year) to save costs and time up to nearly one year of university.

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Key entrance to prestigious universities

IB is accepted by most universities in more than 140 countries including leading universities. Students of the IB program are more favored to enroll in higher education levels and help them think critically, increase creativity, have the opportunity to enter Harvard University, Yale, Pennsylvania…

International Baccalaureate qualifications are subjects with advanced knowledge, so there are many advantages to matriculate to prestigious universities, high scholarship opportunities and exemption from university credit.

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Contribute to knowledge supplementation

IB program helps children develop necessary skills and conquer challenges, so that they can become a student from the time of high school. The special thing is that it is possible to choose a subject of special interest, which will help to study well in university.

There will be more options in choosing the university you want without having a regional compartment in just one country. In addition, many major universities around the world accept and value students towards the IB program.

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How do get a high score from the IB?

  • Plan to study and practice as soon as possible.
  • Focus and spend a lot of time overcoming your weaknesses.
  • Regular practice helps you to systematically consolidate your knowledge.

What are the benefits of getting high IB score? Hopefully the above information will help you somewhat in the path of education.

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