What are the most referenced AP Physics 2 books?

22 December, 2021
Đâu là sách AP Physics 2 được tham khảo nhiều?

giasuib.com – When it comes to AP Physics 2, besides lessons with the teacher, books are also reliable companions. But various books from different publishers available can confuse students upon choosing the most suitable one. So what are the most referenced AP Physics 2 books?

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AP Physics 2 syllabus

AP Physics 2 is an algebra-based physics course which includes 7 principles:

  1. Thermodynamics: laws of thermodynamics, ideal gases, and kinetic theory
  2. Fluid statics and dynamics
  3. Electrostatics: electric force, electric field and electric potential
  4. DC circuits and RC circuits (steady-state only)
  5. Magnetism and electromagnetic induction
  6. Geometric and physical optics
  7. Quantum physics, atomic, and nuclear physics

With a wide range of principles, AP Physics 2 is a challenging subject that can sometimes overwhelm students. Therefore, a suitable book will be an invaluable asset to achieve a score of 4 or 5. Let’s find out what are the most referenced AP Physics 2 books so that you can choose the best book.

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What are the most referenced AP Physics 2 books?

Below are the three AP Physics 2 books that are highly recommended, as well as being used by many AP teachers and students for reference:

Cracking the AP Physics 2 Exam (Princeton Review)

Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Physics 2 Exam provides a comprehensive guide to getting the top score of the AP test. Clear, concise, and focused content allows students to grasp the knowledge of an entire year in a quick but equally effective manner.

In addition to comprehensive review, this book provides tips, test-taking strategies, as well as practice problems of the AP Physics 2 exam. Two full practice tests with detailed explanations are also included, helping students prepare for all parts of the final exam.

This book is also valuable as its material was created by AP teachers and experienced experts. Furthermore, tips and learning strategies are compiled from decades of research so that students can achieve their learning goals and desired scores.

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Barron’s AP Physics 2

A pros of AP Physics 2 is the diagnostic test, which helps students assess their understanding of the AP Physics 2 curriculum, showing the parts that students have learned. and areas that need more practice.

Therefore, students can focus on strengthening weak areas through brief but comprehensive review sections. Although some leave out minor details, each chapter covers the main topics and important concepts that each and every AP Physics 2 student needs to know.

Barron’s book also comes with a wide variety of examples and practice problems. In addition, 2 practice tests in the book and 2 free online tests provide students with more practice, and help them grasp what the real AP exam will look like.

Silly Beagle’s AP Physics 2 Essentials: An APlusPhysics Guide

The pros of this book is that it is easy to read and understand for students of all level. Important concepts are explained in a simple and straightforward manner, with chapters explaining both broader and more in-depth details.

Besides the learning content, more than 450 example problems also further explain important ideas. Students can also test their knowledge with 60 AP-style practice problems covering a variety of AP Physics 2 topics. However, the book sometimes focuses on using numbers for calculation, while the AP exam tends to focus more on concepts and logical thinking.

Students can also access APlusPhysics – a free online portal integrated with the textbook. The site contains videos and animations, additional practice exercises, and discussion forums about AP Physics with other students.

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