What challenges do IGCSE Biology often bring to students?

20 January, 2021
What challenges do IGCSE Biology often bring to students?

giasuib.com – Besides Math, Physic, Chemistry, Biology is a subject brings to the student “the tough” so what skill student must have for study and what challenges do IGCSE Biology often bring to students?

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IGSCE Biology

As you know, IGCSE is a program for student in secondary school and is a subject student just familiar with as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so the vocabulary will be hard to comprehend, every subject will have the own specialized term and what do these topics inside IGCSE Biology? Why does this subject become one of top 4 difficult subjects for student to learn?

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These topics in IGCSE Biology:

  • Nature and diversity of living organisms: Content includes the definition and characteristics of living organisms including plants and animals; fungi, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, pathogens, cell structure.
  • Structure and function in living organisms: Contents includes cell structure and biological elements, movement of cellular substances, nutrition, respiration, gas exchange, movement, excretion, coordination and reaction.
  • Reproduction and genetics: Content includes the process of fertilization and reproduction of plants and humans, describing genetic patterns by genetic diagrams, explaining the meaning of terms such as dominant, diving, homozygous, heterozygous, genotype, chromosome, gene mutation, DNA structure…
  • Ecosystem and environment: Content includes the definition of ecosystem and environment, organisms in the environment, relationships, ecosystem cycles, human influence on the environment and ecosystem.
  • Use of biological resources: Content includes main items such as food production, seed selection for plants, genetic modification and duplication.

Because of the level of these topic and require the specialized in IGCSE Biology so what challenges do IGCSE Biology often bring to students is a big problem in the supply process.

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What challenges do IGCSE Biology often bring to students?

  • The large of knowledge and specialized: Because these topics are related to cell, body and environment so it requires student have to indulge.
  • Vocabularies and hard to remember: Learning vocabulary is a “nightmare” with student moreover in every subject will have their own specialized terms, and especially in Biology student have to learn a long word without pronounce as these normal.
  • Nice schedule: Make a plan of study for each subjects is an important thing because when you have a nice schedule, you will follow and become your habit, you can have enough time for study and relax this is the right way for your brain to “charge”.
  • Try to practice: Practice is not necessary when you have to do the test tomorrow or the semester is coming, this is a way to review and familiar with the real format.

That’s these problem student usually to acquire in IGCSE Biology and these tips for you to improve and get a good result.

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