What courses does AP Economics include?

2 October, 2020
What courses does AP Economics include

giasuib.com – AP Economics is a compulsory course for those pursuing a major in Economics or related disciplines such as Finance – Marketing. So do you know what courses does AP Economics include?

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In fact, this course is useful for students of all majors, because economics is an area that everyone has to approach in life. Economic basics will help learners make better personal economic decisions, or simply have a better understanding of the economic situation going on around them.
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What courses does AP Economics include?

AP Economics is built by College Board consisting of two main courses: AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics.
  • AP Macroeconomics: A course that provides students with a thorough understanding of economic principles applicable to economic systems and society. The course specifically focuses on national income research and pricing, while developing students’ familiarity with measures of economic activity, the financial sector, policy stability and growth, as well as international economy.
  • AP Microeconomics: A course that provides students with a thorough understanding of the economic principles that apply to the functions of individual decision-making companies, both consumers and manufacturer, in the economic system. It focuses primarily on the nature and function of the product market, as well as involves the study of factor markets and the role of government in promoting greater efficiency in the economy.
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The main topics of AP Economics

For the 2 main courses of AP Economics, each course has key knowledge that students need to follow the topics as below.

AP Macroeconomics
  • Basic economic concepts
  • Measuring economic efficiency
  • National income and price determination
  • Financial market
  • Stable policy
  • Economic growth
  • International trade and finance
AP Microeconomics
  • Basic economic concepts
  • The nature and operating mechanism of the market
  • Market factor
  • Market failure and the role of government
For those who are intending to learn deeply about the economics major as closely and as briefly, AP Economics is a reasonable choice. This course also helps students get acquaintance to specific subjects such as Business Administration, Accounting or Finance – Banking… So you already know what courses does AP Economics include.
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