What courses does AP Physics include?

29 December, 2020
What courses does AP Physics include

giasuib.com – Physics is never be an easy subject with student becauses of more specialized term and high level of formula, so what courses does AP Physics include?

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What courses does AP Physics include?

Physics in every level will have different knowledge and the level is higher will have more knowledge. That’s why Physics is always a difficult subject with student.

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AP Physics is seeing as a high difficult subject because of the new specialized term and high level of formula. This subject is separated into AP Physics A – B (AP Physics 1 and 2) – C:

  • AP Physics A is designed with AP Physics B and C. Because on this subject, student will not use too much or not use these formula to solve the problem.
  • AP Physics B is the same a university course, not used calculus method instead of used algebra method and trigonometry to solve the problem, especially is separated into 5 groups: Newtonian mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermal physics, electric and magnetism, waves and optics, atomic and nuclear physics. AP Physics was replaced Physics 1 and 2 in 2014 to attack their critical thinking and argument, not require student to use too much Math formulas.
  • AP Physics 1: Including Newtonian mechanics the same as AP Physics B plus rotational mechanics as well as an introduction to electricity (Coulomb law and simple DC circuits), waves and sound.
  • AP Physics 2: Cover the remaining subjects from AP Physics B like thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.
  • In 2006, College Board separated AP Physics C into 2 different test, each equivalent to a semester-length calculus-based college course majors in physical science or engineering. The topic on AP Physics C will related to:
  • Newtonian mechanics, with units on kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion; work, energy, and power; systems of particles and linear momentum…
  • Electricity and magnetism, covering electrostatics; conductors, capacitors, and dielectrics; electric circuits; magnetic fields; and electromagnetism.

Two courses of AP Physics can combine to prepare for these tests.

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Does AP Physics difficult?

As we found out what courses does AP Physics include, then it will depend on student if their ability of understanding in every topic, this subject will be easy for student to get a good result.

To study well in this subject, the requirement is to research new information related, beside that they have to improve their testing skill.

However, if student get trouble in self-study or need to know more information for studying, then look for a prestigious after-school tutoring academy to receive their teaching and experiences from the teacher is an important thing.

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