What courses does IB Math include?

27 January, 2021
What courses does IB Math include?

giasuib.com – In the international baccalaureate program, IB Math is a compulsory and difficult subject. So you know what courses does IB Math include?

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IB program

IB program is increasingly popular in Vietnam, because we live under the age of globalization, knowledge is constantly expanding and developing, so international exams are very interested.

This program is an internationally recognized curriculum designed for high school students aged 16 to 19 to foster international thinking students and comprehensive development. IB syllabus includes 6 subject groups:

  1. The first language
  2. The second language
  3. Individual and social
  4. Science
  5. Mathematics
  6. Arts

Here we will find out about Math – that are considered mandatory in the IB program, so what courses does IB Math include?

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What courses does IB Math include?

IB Math consists of 4 main courses with different content knowledge to student choose:

  • Mathematical Studies SL: This course is considered to be the most “easy” in IB Math, it covers the basic knowledge of Mathematics and the topics given in connection with the knowledge learned in general information. To achieve high results, you only need to hold firmly common knowledge. Topics include arithmetic and algebra; logic and probability; geometry and trigonometry; statistics; calculus and financial math.
  • Mathematics SL: This course is for students who have a relatively good knowledge of Mathematics, the content focuses on introducing important concepts, presenting coherent to help students understand, encourage students to apply Math knowledge to solve real problems. Topics include: algebra; functions and equations; trigonometric function; vector; probability statistics; analytics.
  • Mathematics HL: This course is for students who not only have a good foundation, a huge amount of knowledge about Mathematics but also have a true passion for the subject. The content goes deep into the complex structures of Mathematics, suitable for those who deeply research Mathematics to become a professor or researcher of Mathematics… Students will be exposed to many various topics such as advanced statistical probability; analytics; trigonometry…

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  • Further Mathematics HL: This is considered the most difficult course of IB Math for students with vast knowledge, competence, and high interest in analytical skills, which require a solid knowledge of Mathematics HL course, allowing students to learn about Mathematics in-depth, and put into practice, topics covering all topics of the previous and advanced levels.

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