What criteria do AP tutors need to meet?

9 September, 2020
What criteria do AP tutors need to meet

giasuib.com – Knowledge of AP test is equivalent to the first or the second year of University so, with the amount of time given, AP class can be too hard for students to comprehend all the knowledge thoroughly, and sometimes they need to help from a tutor. So, what criteria do AP tutors need to meet?

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The value of AP certificate

AP (Advanced Placement) is a program designed High school students with high academic performance using curriculum equivalent to those in University. Having an AP certificate with a high result can be seen as a “golden ticket” for those wanting to apply to any university in America. By following the AP program, students will become familiar with the environment as well as the teaching method in University as it is one of the important steps to obtain success in the future.

On the other hand, you can save your money and your time, if you finish all of the subjects at AP with the score from 3 to 5 and over as you will be gaining free college credit.

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For those who already learned at International school when they were little, getting used to the AP program can be a piece of cake. However, for students who have just moved from Vietnamese school to International school or passive learners with bad academic performance, AP can be quite challenging. As such, the need for tutors to help students to reinforce as well as to improve their knowledge and score has risen significantly, so what criteria do AP tutors need to meet?

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What criteria do AP tutors need to meet?

  • Understand how AP program works

A good tutor is having not only the expertise but also the basic information about the AP program as it is the most important thing of all. The tutor has to understand how AP score is calculated, the exam structure, types of exercises going to have in the final test, good material for practice, how to compliment students’ expertise and how to manage time to study as well as time when taking the test… in order to give correct and suitable guidance for students to improve. 

  • Understand and recognize common mistakes

The tutor who participated in the AP test or many years of teaching AP will know how students think and what common mistakes they usually make when doing exercises, thenceforth the tutor will pay attention to their students throughout the study program for the student to remember and to avoid these mistakes in the real test.

Moreover, experiencewise, AP tutors have to satisfy these following requirements:

  • Graduated from foreign universities and received at least a bachelor degree
  • IELTS English level at least 6.5 or any equivalent certificate
  • As a prerequisite requirement, teaching 100% in English for these are international educational programs; 

Hopefully, everything we shared will help you make the right decision when finding an AP tutor for your children.

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