What criteria do IB tutors need to meet?

3 September, 2020
What criteria do IB tutors need to meet

giasuib.com – What criteria do IB tutors need to meet when parents want their children to be improved in knowledge and scores at school? Giasuib is about to recommend a few references for you to make the right choice for your child’s education. 

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Why is IB tutoring needed?

For international education, to ensure transparency and fairness, official teachers at international schools are not allowed to teach after-school. However, the international programs emphasizes the initiative, creativity, and logical reasoning, so it somehow requires students outside class time to actively read more documents from many sources and practice more different types of exercises. At some points, this makes students who are not active or do not perform well enough to keep up with the curriculum and become discouraged, especially those who have just transferred from a public school will be unable to keep up the knowledge and therefore need tutor support.

As the results, nowadays, the need of finding IB tutors is increasing. But what criteria do IB tutors need to meet?

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What criteria do IB tutors need to meet?

Becoming an after-school tutor for international students is not easy and overnight, because in addition to specialized knowledge and English proficiency, so what criteria do IB tutors need to meet:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the IB program, not only about the subject you undertake but also the general knowledge of the program from the presentation, teaching style, ways to deliver the exercise type to the update of exam structure year by year.
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  • Having experiences in teaching to students in international bilingual schools will be a huge plus. Tutors have a lot of experience teaching IB program will help students and parents feel secure to study in a long process. Because experienced tutors can approach each target student, find out mistakes students often make when doing their homework and share useful tips for taking exams.
  • To grasp teaching materials from basic to advanced references to international programs. The understanding of international programs other than the IB will help tutors connect the similarities and differences between programs to differentiate and orient students for their future as well as expand knowledge from low to higher level.
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