What criteria do IGCSE tutors need to meet?

6 September, 2020
What criteria do IGCSE tutors need to meet

giasuib.com – IGCSE is an upper secondary program, transition from lower secondary level to postgraduate, through the process a lot of students cry for help from tutors for the overall IGCSE knowledge can be too overbearing. So, what criteria do IGCSE tutors need to meet?

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The benefit of study IGCSE

The difference between IGCSE program and Vietnamese high school is that the student, themselves can choose the subjects depending on their ability and their hobby. Students can choose whatever subjects most suitable to their academic performance or the major they will apply in university. Other than compulsory subjects like English, Math, and Science, the student can register for another subjects such as second language, Computer Science, Economics, Business,… or participate in extracurricular activities, for example, art club, physical education, picnic with their school.,… in order to improve themselves physically and spiritually in parallel with knowledge as a whole.

Normally, it is mandatory for students to study at least 6 to 9 IGCSE subjects. The sudden rise in the number of subjects and knowledge is to prepare student for postgraduate assessment in grades 11 and 1, because of that IGCSE can be a really challenge to overcome. So as to gain parents trust and credibility, what criteria do IGCSE tutors need to meet? The following information will answer that question.

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What criteria do IGCSE tutors need to meet?

Tutor teaching international program and IGCSE have to satisfy these standards:

  • Deep understanding of their subject: teachers have to graduate at least bachelor level and teaching the subject they are majoring in
  • Language proficiency: IGCSE is an international program so language fluency is a must for those who intend to teach IGCSE. As the international environment is the perfect places for students to communicate and get used to English textbook, which is why a language certificate is required to demonstrate teachers’ competency in English as well as not to create a language barrier when teaching students.
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  • Understand the IGCSE curriculum: Having a solid foundation of knowledge is not enough, every program will have a different type of exercises and tests so the tutor has to acknowledge every type of exercises often occur for every part, how to count the score and predict question types that are usually added.
  • Teaching experience: As one of the most sought after standards that every tutor need to have. Teaching experience will help the tutor collect a lot of methods and ways to convey the content of the lesson as effectively as possible thenceforth gradually help the student improve.
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