What is a good grade for IGCSE?

5 August, 2021
What is a good grade for IGCSE?

giasuib.com – The IGCSE exam is designed for students in grades 9 and 10, so passing this exam is not too difficult, but what is a good grade for IGCSE?

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Why is the IGCSE certificate important?

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is recognized as a highly-respected official high school qualification and acts as a “golden ticket” for students to continue their studies in UK schools and other worldwide universities. After completing the IGCSE program, students can study other higher programs such as British Baccalaureate (A-level), International Baccalaureate (IB), AP, etc. before entering university, or college.

The reason it is important to have a certificate of completion of the IGCSE program is that most majors at universities in the UK stipulate that applicants need to meet certain requirements in terms of IGCSE scores as well as other requirements. Other requirements can be considered for admission, as well as achieving the required A-level. In addition, companies also require job applicants to meet the minimum requirements for Maths and English of the IGCSE program (or equivalent). After considering the importance of the IGCSE certificate, it can be seen that what is a good grade for IGCSE and satisfying future goals is very important to students and parents.

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What is a good grade for IGCSE?

IGCSE scores are usually calculated on a scale from A*-G, however, since June 2017, British high schools have designed a scale system to convert IGCSE to 9-1. Currently, IGCSE schools around the world are using both score conversion tables.

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A* is in the maximum grade, and A is in the near-maximum grade. Most students who get a 9 will get an A*, an 8 or a 7 will equate to an A on the A*-G scale and vice versa. Students who achieve maximum and near maximum scores will have many advantages such as having an extremely solid knowledge base when studying for high school programs (IB, A-level, AP, etc. ), a high chance of being admitted to the application round by prestigious high schools, being placed in excellent classes and “beautifying” future job applications.

Meanwhile, students who score B or C (equivalent to grades 6-5-4) will still ensure the amount of knowledge as the foundation for studying at high schools, being considered for admission to most high schools in the UK and around the world, have a high chance of passing in the application process or being qualified to meet the language requirements for some universities in English-speaking nations.

Students scoring D-G (equivalent to grades 3-2-1) will be considered for admission to less competitive high schools or universities, as well as a reduced chance of being considered for employment later. In addition, you may not be able to meet the content of knowledge when you study up and this makes you easily bored because of the increasing knowledge gap and inability to keep up with your peers.

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What is enough grade for IGCSE will essentially match the academic orientation and future career orientation of each student. Therefore, if you really want to achieve outstanding achievements and get great advantages for the future, you should focus and try your best in your studies right now.

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