What is a good IB score?

30 September, 2021
What is a good IB score?

giasuib.com – Many students use the IB program as a stepping stone to achieving their future prestigious school aspirations. So what is the passing score in the IB? What is a good IB score?

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What is considered a good IB Score?

The concept of a good IB score, as well as any academic degree, is a subjective concept and highly dependent on the student’s university aspirations. Generally, all IB students must achieve a minimum of 24 points in six subjects to be considered eligible for an IB degree. From that, the average IB score throughout the years fluctuates in the range of 28-30 points.

Top American universities such as Harvard and Yale require applicants to score 36-38 or higher to be considered for placement.

The admissions process is also accompanied by an assessment of leadership qualities, athletic awards, and other non-academic achievements. Prestigious UK universities like Oxbridge may prioritize national standards like IGCSE, over IB scores.

However, a good IBDP score is often understood as a score that creates an opportunity to get into a prestigious university. For example, a 7 in a row in 3 HL subjects could qualify a candidate for a Harvard undergraduate position, where students can skip certain introductory courses and graduate early. a year more than most of their classmates.

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What is a good IB score?

If you just need a short answer, you can refer to the IB score levels as follows:

28-29 30-33 34-37 38-39 40-43 44-45
Average Above-average Good Very good Great Exceptional

If you want a detailed answer about what is a good IB score, you can refer to the following contents:

There are a lot of things that are not considered when evaluating IB score results, here are just a few criteria that are often overlooked:

  • The difficulty of the subject
  • Number and difficulty of questions in the test
  • Quality of teaching and learning materials
  • Score results are comparable to other international programs
  • The following are the basic IB scores analyzed in detail:
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0-24 This is a grade that students should avoid. If you score lower than 24, not only will you not get your IB diploma and all your efforts will be in vain.
25-27 This is the standard IB score. If you get this score then you are JUST qualified for the IB degree but that’s about it.
28-29 Better than the score above, but this is still considered a fairly low score by the majority. Some low competitive universities/colleges may accept this score
30-31 This is the average score of IB. The average IB results change every year due to many factors. But in most cases, the score is usually between 30 and 31. If you are lucky and have a respectable set of impressive extracurricular activities, you can get an offer from a decent university.
32-33 This is a score for fairly decent individuals and above. With this score, it will be easier to apply for admission to normal universities/colleges.
34-35 Most people think this is a good score. With this score, it definitely shows that you have worked hard to pass the IB program or that you are a naturally intelligent person. Although this is not a top-of-the-line type of result, you are still in the top 33% of all who completed the program.
36-37 This is the borderline between good and great scores. In general, students aspiring to more competitive colleges will aim to achieve results in this score range. This result shows that you tried your best
38-39 Most people would think that getting this score is a great achievement. With this score, you will have a very high chance of being admitted to prestigious universities
40-41 This is the score for the top 10% of students. Such a score is a great indicator of your strong determination to study combined with your high intellect. This achievement will open the door for you to enter prestigious universities around the world.
42-43 This is an achievement that only the top 4-6% of students achieve. Most of Oxford’s admission requirements will fall within this range
44-45 This is a perfect score that only less than 1% of students can achieve. With this score, you will not be limited in the path of higher education and at the same time will be applauded and admired by everyone. 
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