What is the best test prep book for AP Calculus?

16 September, 2021
What is the best test prep book for AP Calculus?

giasuib.com – AP Calculus is a subject that is quite popular with the majority of international students. In this article, we will help you know what is the best test prep book for AP Calculus?


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Is AP Calculus really difficult?

In fact, many students do not find the Math concepts of AP Calculus (AB or BC) not at all difficult. That’s why for good and excellent students, grasping this subject is quite easy. AP Calculus AB content weighs less and has a slower pace than AP Calculus BC, so AB may be more suitable for students who are not gifted in Mathematics. In contrast, BC is more suitable for students who are calculative and nimble with numbers.

For other cases, they don’t find AP Calculus easy because all Maths requires practice for good acquisition. Conceptually, however, AP Calculus is like an extended chapter of Algebra, not a whole lot of new maths knowledge. Students consider AP Calculus similar to music and sports, both of which involve non-stop practice. Most people can learn to play an instrument and or a sport through regular, diligent effort and practice.

There is no denying that AP Calculus is a subject with many obstacles, so to overcome those obstacles, what is the best test prep book for AP Calculus?

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What is the best test prep book for AP Calculus?

We at giasuib have compiled for you a list of AP Calculus test prep textbook (both AB and BC) for you to consult and make choices:

Price: $174

This book helps you to fully understand the concepts of Calculus. It covers all the core concepts of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic functions to ensure that you are fully prepared for the AP exam. The textbook teaches the basic concepts of Calculus using algebraic, visual, and verbal methods. Before you decide to buy any other book or review material, you should consider buying this textbook first as it can help you get a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam.

Price: $15

This is a comprehensive AP test prep handbook, updated to align with the new framework in effect for the 2020 AP Calculus AB and BC exams.

The material includes eight practice exams for AP Calculus AB and four practice exams for AP Calculus BC. It also includes helpful test questions including solutions and detailed review outlines on topics for both exams. In addition, this document will also help you practice using the graphing calculator more effectively by providing in-depth advice.

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Price: $18.22

This test prep material covers everything you need to know to get an AP score of 5 on the upcoming AP Calculus exam. It also includes comprehensive review content for all test topics, updated information on the 2020 AP Calculus AB Exam. Furthermore, all topics are organized into manageable units. We also recommend this book because you’ll have access to AP Connect, an online portal for helpful AP exam updates and college prep information.

Price: $9.99

This book is a comprehensive textbook and workbook with solutions to each problem. With it, you’ll have all the topics you need to practice math on, including trig functions, polynomials and more.

Furthermore, McMullen also explains more complex concepts such as series rules, second derivatives, and multiple integrals. The goal of this book is not to cover every tedious concept in the study of calculus, but rather to provide the essential skills needed to apply calculus to any field, such as physics or engineering.

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