What is the IGCSE Accounting syllabus?

13 October, 2021
what is the IGCSE Accounting syllabus

giasuib.com – If you hear that Accounting is taught from the 9th grade in the IGCSE international program, it will surely surprise many parents and students, let’s companion the giasuib.com to find out what is the IGCSE Accounting syllabus in which being taught so early in secondary school?

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Is it too early to include Accounting in the 9th grade curriculum?

IGCSE is a 2-year international high school program for students in grades 9-10 designed and managed by Cambridge International Examinations, which is the foundation for further study such as IB, AP or A-level.

There are more than 70 subjects in the IGCSE program, students usually choose from 5-9 subjects, of which 3 are almost compulsory: Math, Science, English, the rest are allowed to choose subjects based on abilities, interests and orientations of students.

In order to suit different students, depending on every subject, IGCSE will be divided into 2 levels: Core and Extended or not.

IGCSE Core is designed to best suit most students’ levels, with an introduction to the most basic knowledge. Students who choose this level usually have a target test score of only C to G.

IGCSE Extended includes knowledge in Core level and advanced knowledge, for more academic level and close to higher learning levels such as A-level, AP, IB… Students choose Extended levels towards grades from A* to E.

For subjects related to Economics such as Accounting, Business and Economics, these subjects are not divided into levels.

Therefore, parents can rest assured that with the IGCSE level, the Accounting subject will not go too deep into the calculation and accounting skills of the subject and only provide an overview of the concepts and definitions, terms of Accounting so that students aged 14 to 16 can understand. Here, we will go into the main content, what is the IGCSE Accounting syllabus?

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What is the IGCSE Accounting syllabus?

IGCSE Accounting introduces the concept of accounting and how it is used in many modern businesses and economic contexts, helping you focus on the skills of recording, reporting, presenting, and interpreting financial information and build an ideal foundation for both further study and a future career.

IGCSE Accounting includes topics:

1 The fundamentals of accounting

2 Sources and recording of data

3 Verification of accounting records

4 Accounting procedures

5 Preparation of financial statements

6 Analysis and interpretation

7 Accounting principles and policies

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What are the benefits of studying well in IGCSE Accounting?

  • Accounting brings a wide range of knowledge about the legal framework of accounting and auditing, the system of Vietnamese accounting standards and international accounting standards, and the operations surrounding the collection, processing, inspection, and provision of information. Information, fee calculation, estimating, budget allocation, revenue management.
  • Build a foundation of knowledge about accounting, and the ways it is used in modern economies and business contexts. IGCSE Accounting is globally accepted and sets the stage for individuals to get closer to further study.
  • The course focuses on the skills of recording, reporting, presenting, and interpreting financial information, the ideal foundation for further study and for a future career.

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