What is the most difficult topic in IB Business?

25 December, 2021
What is the most difficult topic in IB Business

giasuib.com – Business is a subject with many practical-related case studies, so many students choose it in IB program. In order to have rich business knowledge as an important factor for success, students need to know what is the most difficult topic in IB Business to have a suitable study plan.

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What does IB Business include?

IB Business is designed for students to familiarize themselves with and grasp business-related knowledge, including the following 5 topics:

  • Unit 1: Business organization and environment
  • Unit 2: Human resource management
  • Unit 3: Finance and accounts
  • Unit 4: Marketing
  • Unit 5: Operations management

IB Business course focuses on analyzing, comparing and giving real examples on the environment, business strategies, business lessons from big companies and enterprises in the world for students to choose subjects. What is the most difficult topic in IB Business?

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In addition to providing you with a comprehensive view of the business world, the subject knowledge also requires students to apply theory to daily economic life. The course encourages students to form critical, strategic thinking about individual and organizational behavior, and promotes the importance of understanding business issues from different cultural perspectives.

Through this, students develop an understanding of the importance of innovation in the business environment, appreciate the nature of change in local, regional and global contexts, promote awareness of environmental, social and ethical factors in the actions of individuals and business organizations. Therefore, it is difficult to determine what is the most difficult topic in IB Business because you need to focus on all 5 topics.

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Why should I study IB Business?

Studying IB Business helps you improve your ability to analyze data, make financial decisions, and better predict the future. Business administration courses are designed to develop students’ knowledge of, how to analyze, discuss and evaluate business practices at the local, national and international levels, providing students with the opportunity society has access to case studies and tends to build knowledge around everyday life.

Because of the above advantages, IB Business is recommended even for students who do not aim to study subjects related to Math and Economics at higher levels. Business concepts are not difficult to understand and the knowledge is highly practical regardless of your future career, so if you have the opportunity, you should consider choosing this subject.

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