What is the most difficult topic in IB Economics?

6 November, 2021
đâu là topic gây khó khăn của ib economics

giasuib.com – IB Economics is a great subject to study for those interested in economics, but Economics has never been an easy subject for students. So what is the most difficult topic in IB Economics?

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Topics in IB Economics

IB programs are taught increasingly in international schools because of the benefits that this program brings to students. So why has the subject of IB Economics become an obsession of students?

To be able to study Economics well, students need to understand clearly the content of each topic in the subject to understand the main parts in order to allocate their time and appropriate knowledge. Topics in this course consist of 4 units such as:

Unit 1: Introduction to economics

Unit 2: Microeconomics

Unit 3: Macroeconomics

Unit 4: The global economy

In addition, students not only learn theoretically but also gain additional knowledge related to applications such as business analysis, data analysis, etc. Depending on each chapter, students will access related topics such as price index, growth, GDP, the balance of payments, deficit, and surplus, …

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What is the most difficult topic in IB Economics?

IB Economics has a fairly heavy body of knowledge, the subject requires you to be proficient in specialized English and knowledge of both Economics and Math because there are many topics that require you to be good at math skills to use that knowledge to apply in the test. If you want to get a 7 in IB Economics, you need to be able to think logically and critically to complete the sections of this course well. You also need to note that the test is essay structure and requires a lot of knowledge and skills in analyzing and presenting case studies.

All 4 topics have different difficulties, each topic will have problems that you encounter such as: short run, long run, profit, revenues, monopoly, oligopoly,… requires you to memorize the definitions, respectively graph, if you understand the concepts well then you will find it not too difficult.

It is difficult to say which is the most difficult topic in IB Economics because each student will have their own strengths and interests in certain content, some of them will like to study macroeconomics, but also others will like to study on the global economy.

Once you understand what is the most difficult topic in IB Economics, let’s start to learn how to achieve high results with IB Economics?

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How to get high results with IB Economics

Students need to make sure they understand the topic, the main part of each topic that they need to grasp, and then allocate them properly to avoid the case of learning multiple topics at the same time.

In addition, you need to spend more time relaxing in outdoor activities which will make you more comfortable and more receptive to new knowledge.

Reading newspapers or magazines of Economics is also a way for you to relax, besides it is also a way for you to learn more about changes in the economy, thereby accumulating new information to apply to your subject. his study.

If self-study is difficult or you want to gain additional external knowledge, finding a reputable center to receive knowledge and experience from teachers will be essential to overcome this subject and even achieve really high results.

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