What is the most difficult topic in IB Math?

5 May, 2021
What is the most difficult topic in IB Math?

giasuib.com – Math is a subject causing many difficulties. For international students, this difficulty has multiplied when IB Math program is entirely taught in English. So what is the most difficult topic in IB Math?

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What does IB Math program include?

Before understanding what is the most difficult topic in IB Math, you need to have a good understanding of IB Math program including what levels and topics:

  • Mathematical Studies SL: The content revolves around basic knowledge of Math and related topics. Topics at this level include Arithmetic and Algebra; Sets, Logic, and Probability; Functions; Geometry and Trigonometry; Statistical; Calculus and Financial M
  • Mathematics SL: The content focuses on introducing important concepts and helping students apply knowledge of Math to solve real-world problems. Topics include Algebra; Functions and Equations; Circular Functions and Trigonometry; Vector; Statistics and Probability; Calculus.
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  • Mathematics HL: This level is for those who not only have a good foundation, a huge amount of knowledge about Math but also enthusiasm for this subject. The content of Math HL goes into depth about problems of complex form and structure of Math. Topics include Algebra, Functions, and Equations; Trigonometric; Matrix; Vector; Statistics and Probability; Calculus.
  • Further Mathematics HL: Only those who have vast Math knowledge, competence, and a high interest in analytical skills and extremely solid about the Mathe HL keyword. Topics include all topics from previous and advanced levels.

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What is the most difficult topic in IB Math?

Math in IB program is divided into Math AA and Math AI, which students can choose to study at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL).

The topics in each subject branch will have different difficulty levels, but with HL, AA and AI will have more difficult topics for students:

  • Math AA: The most difficult topic in this branch is Calculus because it requires students to master the knowledge of Derivative and Integration in order to solve related problems. Especially the final chapters of this topic will cause many difficulties for students such as Maclaurin Series or Differential Equation.
  • Math AI: Graph Theory and Probability Distribution are new sub-disciplines of Math compared to traditional Math knowledge, so it is easy to confuse students to grasp and practice.
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With the vast and complex knowledge of IB Math, it is completely understandable that some students cannot keep up with the progress of their studies in school. That is why finding an IB Math learning center and having an after-school tutor is extremely necessary. The quality international tutoring centers will provide students with a detailed pathway on their current academic performance and how to reasonably improve their knowledge thanks to a dedicated team of teachers with good English ability and a lot of experience in interaction will help students grasp the lesson quickly and effectively.

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