What is the most difficult topic in IB Physics?

6 November, 2020
What is the most difficult topic in IB Physics?

giasuib.com – Physics is one of the most difficult natural sciences, especially for the IB program. So what is the most difficult topic in IB Physics?

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What topics does IB Physics cover?

IB has always been the target of all students because of the college’s favor for this program. It is also an advantage for students to easily hunt for scholarships and receive credit exemption from top universities. So what is IB Physics?

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In the Standard Level, students will learn about the following contents:

–          Measurement and uncertainty include contents related to unit of measure, systematic error, vector, scalar…

–          Concepts of motion, friction, Newton’s laws…

–          Temperature, energy… in the subject of heat

–          The contents related to parallel such as refraction, wave oscillation…

–          Electricity includes circuit diagrams, Ohm’s and Coulomd’s laws

–          Magnetic includes magnetic field and magnetic force

–          Circular motion includes acceleration, frequency, cycle …

–          Atomic and nuclear about alpha particles, gamma rays, charge conservation law…

–          Energy production includes the content of thermal radiation, energy balance in the Earth’s surface atmospheric system…

In the Higher Level, students will learn about topics at Standard Level and also have the following content:

–          Wave phenomenon includes related problems such as wave interference, sound waves…

–          The electromagnetic field, the gravitational field and the movement of the orbit

–          Alternating electricity, Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law… in the electromagnetic induction

–          Quantum and nuclear

Because it is a fundamental subject of science, content and concepts have varying degrees of difficulty, but what is the most difficult topic in IB Physics?

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What is the most difficult topic in IB Physics?

Not only Physics but all other subjects will be divided into separate topics and at different levels of difficulty, so which topics are difficult will depend a lot on the ability to absorb knowledge of each student, because each student will have its own strengths.

To prepare a huge amount of knowledge, students should find themselves a certain topic to strengthen and master the basic content of the remaining topics so as not to feel difficult and achived the good result.

In addition, if you have difficulty in self-study or need to supplement your own knowledge, finding a Physics tutoring center with lots of experience is also extremely necessary to accumulate knowledge and experience for the exam.

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