What makes AP Biology difficult for students?

19 November, 2021
AP Biology thường đem đến khó khăn nào cho học sinh

giasuib.com – AP certificate is one of the scholarship admission certificates in undergraduate programs. Therefore, choosing subjects in AP program is very important, Biology is also one of them.  What makes AP Biology difficult for students?

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AP Biology program

Some colleges and universities in the US use AP scores to exempt students from taking introductory courses, others use this score to place students in higher-specified courses, and some do both. Each school’s policy is different, but most require a minimum score of 3 or 4 to enter a college or university program. What does AP Biology include?

Unit 1: Chemistry of Life

Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function

Unit 3: Cellular Energetics

Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle

Unit 5: Heredity

Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation

Unit 7: Natural Selection

Unit 8: Ecology

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What makes AP Biology difficult for students?

In terms of difficulty, AP Biology is not difficult but it is not easy, it is compared with other AP subjects such as AP Calculus BC or AP Statistics. AP Biology is considered the easier subject among AP science, AP Chemistry and AP Physics will be more difficult.

  • Requires multiple skills: You need a variety of skills to do well in Biology and these skills are built on foundational knowledge including basic concepts from previous grades, then develop and perfect to focus on learning more difficult topics in AP program.
  • Many concepts: The subject has a lot of information to memorize so you need a lot of time to study compared to other subjects. A subject with many interconnected concepts, fortunately the concepts are quite similar. You need to get a good grasp of those basic concepts from previous levels and link them together to reduce the difficulty of this subject.
  • Difficult to absorb: The subject is associated with a large amount of knowledge about lab assignments, data analysis such as graphs, tables and experiments which makes the subject difficult. You need to try to conquer it to get the best score.
  • Considered a mind test: College Board exam focuses on what students understand about biology, the facts will be explained in the content of the question. The exam, rather than a biology test, is a test of the student’s thinking ability.

To achieve high results, you need to work hard and try to get the results you want and consult the documents to gain more experience from the exercises. If you have difficulty, it’s extremely important to find a reputable learning center, not only can strengthen your knowledge but also gain more effective test-taking experiences.

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AP Biology practice materials for your references

  • Campbell Biology 6th Edition: This is an AP Biology test prep book that provides you with chapters for your reference, not only to prepare for the AP Bio exam but also for your class in many college courses.

●      Sterling Test Prep Review Book – High Yield AP Biology Questions: Offers 1,500 biology questions about concepts as well as the basics before diving into memorizing terms.

●      Barron’s AP Biology – 6th Edition: Considered a bestseller in the field of biology, it features comprehensive test guides with additional practice tests on CD-ROM.

Here are the books to help you easily answer the question “what makes AP Biology difficult for students” many students seek, providing knowledge and exercises with specific answers so that students can follow up to find errors from explanations and learn from experience in the exam.

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