What reference books for IB Economics should be chosen?

19 October, 2020
What reference books for IB Economics should be chosen

giasuib.com – Whether it is IB Economics SL or HL, Economics course has quite a high level of difficulty, causing many students to be surprised when they start studying. That leads to students asking the question “What reference books for IB Economics should be chosen?”

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As we all know, IB Economics is a very difficult subject in theory and application, so many students were left behind. But with the right references and a well-defined Study Guide, getting the basics becomes very simple. But what reference books for IB Economics should be chosen?

Here is a list of remarkable Economics materials for students to refer to:

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  1. Economics for the IB Diploma – Second Editions – Ellie Tragakes:

    This can be considered as the best book to use for classroom teaching. Many students adore this book not only for its ease of understanding and coherence, but also for the inclusion of in-depth knowledge in each subject. In addition, IB Economics uses practical and relevant questions with applications, making it easier to visualize economic situations.


·         Suitable for the average student

·         Include focused and in-depth content on each topic

·         Use many practical examples and questions

·         Quite monotonous design

·         Not many images as examples

·         Going too deep in terms of content


  1. Pearson – Economics developed specifically for the IB Diploma:

    This is the E-book chosen for its unique design, with sample images and color charts to make learning less robotic. Although this document contains a number of very good questions related to the unit content, the number of questions is too small, plus there is no answer section, making self-study of students becomes difficult.


·         Easy to understand reading design

·         There are example images

·         Convenient for learning

·         Not comprehensive, so it requires the guidance of the teacher

·         There are few practical questions and exercises

·         There is no answer section

·         There are many unnecessary quizzes and tables


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  1. Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials – David Finamore:

    Designed to complement key documents such as IB Economics, this book focuses on the main ideas, making the study easier. Everything is included in here with each clear explanation. However, the nature of this book is still a study guide, so it is only suitable for students with good average academic ability.


·         Synthesize main ideas to remember about each topic

·         Suitable for practice

·         Only suitable for students whose goals are 4-5


  1. IB Economics: Skills and Practice: Oxford IB Diploma Program – Constantine Ziogas:

    Including a large amount of information and questions, this is the document chosen by many teachers. It is very suitable for intensive IB Economics preparation, so for students who want to score 6-7, this is the right material. However, there are questions in the book that have no answers.


·         Includes in-depth knowledge

·         Practical exercises and practical questions

·         Suitable for studying for high score

·         There are no answers to questions and exercises

·         Not suitable for the average student and for learning materials in school


IB Economics materials are many various, but you must determine which documents are suitable for your learning style. Hopefully with the above suggests, you have answered the question that what reference books for IB Economics should be chosen.

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